In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Seriously you guys… West Nile ain’t no joke. I have like 50 mosquito bites. The odds are one of them has to be West Nile infected. Geez, why couldn’t this disease stay in Egypt?!

While we are freaking out about these blood sucking little insects, there was real news going on out there. And in between scratches, I found some news that I think you need to know.

Plus I think reading about stupid people is a good ego boost for all of us regular sane people!!

Sometimes you think people must have a bit of a conscience or filter when they are committing crimes.  At least to the point where they can avoid getting caught.

Not this man.


World, I would like you to meet Joshua Basso.

This Florida man (again Florida? What are you guys smoking over there?)  was arrested and charged with misusing the 911 system after admitting to investigators that he made seven separate calls between last Wednesday and Friday requesting female deputies for sex.

Da fuck….

The funny thing is this guy was arrested for doing the exact same thing in November of 2009.

Back then, he claimed to be masturbating while he queried an emergency operator about her breasts and whether she would be willing to have sex with him.

Here is the link to listen to his 911 call from 2009. You know you wanna…

Perv 911 Call

This mosquito epidemic is hitting the nation in full force. I am right now scratching my legs with a razor.

And some people are calling 911 when they get bit!

A Fort Worth woman recently called the ambulance service to report that her 1-year-old nephew was apparently bitten.

“And I got scared because that bite looks like that mosquito bite like they show on the TV,” the woman said.

The 911 operator asked if the baby was awake and responsive.

“Yes, he’s playing around like normal,” the woman said. “I just want to make sure that it’s nothing, you know, dangerous.”

MedStar EMS say they have received a number of similar calls.

Ok, even as sit here covered in mosquitoes, I have to say that’s pretty funny.

People! I may be complaining but I know I should have brought my anti-itch creme and some alcohol to work to keep soothing my bites. And I also know too that if I start to feel flu-like symptoms, I should head to my doctor to get it checked out.  911 can’t do anything for your itchiness.

Sometimes… late at night…. I get scared for the future.

Before I go… back to work…. I would like to express my condolences to the family of our American hero Neil Armstrong.

Armstrong was the first man on the moon, followed shortly after by Buzz Aldrin. Yes, he is famous for something else besides ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on ABC. Seriously, if that’s the only reason you know him, just stop reading now. Anyway, like any other major historical event, there’s a group of freaks out there that think the whole event was staged. I’m talking about the moon landing, not ‘Dancing with the Stars’, by the way. I’m pretty sure “DWTS” is totally staged.

Here is how Buzz Aldrin reacts to one of those nay-sayers.

God Bless America!!!


Comments on: "While You Were Crashing the Kennedys’ parties/Running from West Nile I was scratching up some losers!" (5)

  1. Ugh, I hate mosquito bites! Poison Ivy is worse! I’ve had that twice this year! Try not to scratch it too much! If you start to feel like you’re getting the flu, go to the doctor! And if you go out after dark….wear some repellant!
    WTF is with that dude from FL!?? Sicko! Cant’ imagine what’s on his computer!

  2. I clicked replay on that video like six times. Beautiful…just beautiful.
    And I agree, Dancing with the Stars? Definitely staged. Probably somewhere in the desert in New Mexico.

  3. You are right, everything freaky happens I’m Florida! They are either smoking some really great stuff or doing something to cause all of that weird stuff. And mosquito bites are terrible, whenever there is a mosquito in my room at night and I hear it I can’t go back to sleep until I kill the little bloodsucker!

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