In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

So I have this kid …

named Sienna. She is our baby girl.

She just started school this year three weeks ago and she is still not used to it.

She didn’t cry her first day until the afternoon. Then she cried every day after that until Friday when she had a good day.

Last week Monday, she cried a little going into the building. Then for the most part, she was fine.

Yesterday she cried in the morning and also this morning.

Last night, she told me there was a boy bothering her. A little boy in her class was being very mean to her calling her “a poopy head and a liar” but she doesn’t lie in school.

Her words.

Well we thought … this must be the reason she is not wanting to go to school.

The thing is Sienna loves school. She loves having work. She loves her teachers and her little friends so we couldn’t understand if it was so great, why was she resistant?

We talked and talked with her last night and a part of this morning about telling the teacher and what she could tell this boy.

And the more I thought of it the more I got upset. Truthfully, I didn’t believe her. Or I was more skeptic. However I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

So this morning as we got ready, I told her how mad I was that a boy was being so mean to her. In fact, I was so mad I was going to talk to her teacher when I got there.

When I told her this, she responded that she could take “handle it” on her own.

You’re five! You are crying cause someone call your a poopy head and you wanna handle it?

I asked her the boy’s name. She didn’t know. Hmmmm… well maybe she hadn’t learned everyone’s name yet. Then she remarked that he wasn’t going to be in class today because he had a party to go too.

How suspicious!

Finally after a bit probing, she revealed there was no boy who was teasing her.

She lied.

I think she figured that was a good excuse to keep her at home.

As I write this I realize that I need to tell her the story of the little girl who cried wolf.

I felt bad telling her this but I knelt down beside her and told her this in the most loving yet firm way I could,

“You are going to school no matter what.”

I’m at a loss with this child. I can’t figure out why she is crying still. Especially after she says she loves school.
I guess the best thing is just to give her some time.

I did tell her that she should never lie.

You know …”Liar Liar pants on fire, hanging by the telephone wire.”

Then she started crying….

Her pants were not on fire I swear Child Protective Services.

It was a metaphor!!!

Comments on: "Liar Liar Pants on Fire!! Wait no don’t cry…your pants really aren’t on fire!" (10)

  1. She’s a mini you! Not the lying part…just the looks…she’s adorable!! She prob just doesn’t want to get out f bed early and have to get out that early…that’s my excuse anyway 🙂

  2. Persevere my friend, persevere! She’ll be fine. She’s trying to play you. Let the teacher know what is going on and then you’ll have another set of eyes on her during her class time. Sounds like she’s just having a hissy fit because she likes being home and with you.

  3. Isn’t it a wonder what went on in her tiny little head to figure out that if she made up a story about a so-called poopy head name caller boy, maybe mommy would let her stay home from school?? That took some brain power — that girl’s got skills! It’s just the beginning I’m afraid…..boys are so much easier! *sigh*

  4. Your little girl is so adorable and I was really feeling for her with the boy bully until it ends up she wasn’t telling the truth, but there’s gotta be some reason why she doesn’t want to go to school… besides it being school, of course. 😉 My mother would actually call me out of school sick, no lie, to go shopping, when I wasn’t sick at all, so I had the opposite!

  5. HAHAHA!! Oh children

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