In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I like to exercise even though I never do.

That was a pretty dumb statement but its true. I love exercising especially lifting weights. I really want a total gym but I can’t afford it.
(Will take donations…. just saying)

There is always something new on the market that promises you results and the body you always dreamed of. For the most part, these industries know how to make results.

Except for this one. I don’t know what they are insinuating.

What is this working out? Your vajajay? Your penis?


Is it promising results on how long you can squat when you doing position #137 of the Karma Sutra… the eager Froggy?

I just don’t get it. But, I do think this is funny as shit. And I would like to believe that those Koreans were honestly trying to make an exercise machine and don’t see what they actually made. But no one can be that dense right?

So I guess I gotta add this to my collection.

Sex swing… check.

Ace Power…. check!


Comments on: "WTF Wednesday-I totally want this" (2)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    Where do you find these videos Marina!!?
    I guess if you can’t have enough sex for a good workout, use this thing!
    It would be funnier if you could translate what they were saying!

  2. I love this, and totally gotta agree with you that I like exercising and normally I don’t get around to it but with having all the time I have now I’m doing it for like hours and hours. I’d say no one is that dense but I’m thinking maybe they are!

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