In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I am in a rancid mood. And I sure as hell don’t mean I am stinky. I smell quite nice today.

If you must know… I am having a mental breakdown and I am very perturbed with its timing. How fucking rude, right?

So because I have some pint up rage and need to calm it down or go postal in my office and kill all my innocent co-workers, I need to channel this somewhere.

I missed the passage in life where you live alone and hunt for a roommate. After reading a bit of these ads, I am not so sure I am should be sad about it.

Why aren’t you guys applying!?!?!?

This has been the only time I wished I was an escort/stripper.

God damn!!

He knows what he wants … we can at least  give him that. My question is where is the ad for  women with big butts or great personalities!!!

No wonder he doesn’t have a roommate!! He is insane!!

Wow! Someone who really owns his douchy-ness. Amazeballs!!!

And finally ….

Poor guy… I sure hope he finds a home.

So hopefully I made you feel a little better. Wait, I was the one feeling like shit.

So thanks Craigslist … I owe you big!!


Comments on: "WTF Wednesday- Wednesday Can Suck My" (5)

  1. These are hilarious. Makes you wonder if they are real or there are some brainiacs out there making this shit up just for giggles and for people like us to find and laugh at!

  2. ryoko861 said:

    Gotta love Craigslist!

  3. So entertaining!

  4. OH MY Goodness! HAHA

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