In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The other day the neighbor behind us came over and asked if we could please turn off our back light. He was using his telescope and the light was interfering or bothering him.

No biggie… we turned it off. We barely know each other but he wasn’t a jerk about it. So we complied and later the guy brought us a six-pack of beer and invited us over to check out Saturn.

I wonder if he would still be cool if I told him that when I am in bed room I not only can see him but I can hear him pee. He needs to shut that god damn window.

I wonder if others have such trouble. I soon found a course of emails between neighbors requesting  that one of the neighbors show a bit of  courtesy. It is a bit long but its hilarious.


That Australian neighbor is the coolest!!

Question: Are your neighbors cool or jerks?


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday ….kinda" (4)

  1. Hahahah, so worth the long read!

  2. lexy3587 said:

    Most awesome email exchange! Hilarious 🙂

  3. I am laughing out loud! Love this!

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