In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Actually that it a lie. I was truthfully looking for Nick Stahl too.

Seriously… how does a celebrity become “missing”?

Anyways…. this weekend was popping with news. Popping I tell you!

Did you know that Obama knows a lot about the Kardashians?

That is my kinda president. He has knowledge a bit of everywhere.

That explains why Obama is such a snazzy dresser.


Did you know that gassy dinosaurs helped warm Earth millions of years ago?

That is something we probably could do without knowing. Especially my hubs. I don’t want him “warming” me in any way.

Seriously… who finds this kind of information out? Do you got to school with the enthusiastic hope of finding what wonders dino farts did for the world? I am really curious how this conclusion was made!!

I digress…

Normally I am very proud to be Texas.Very proud!  But after reading this… I may just start saying I am from Florida. Seriously… it’s getting bad.

I have decided to make this Texas college student famous she pulled the biggest Duh moment ever! Remember this face folks! She may get her own show!

Twenty year-old Mahogany Mason-Kelly had outstanding traffic warrants  and was feeling pretty confident about remaining a free woman.

“I still gotta warrant in Pearland (her hometown)..those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!…NEVER!!!” she tweeted.

So are you surprised to hear that the police monitor Twitter? I am sure Mahogany was.

A lieutenant of the  Pearland Police Department stated that  officers frequently search for keywords such as “Pearland” to “keep abreast of what’s going on in town.” They saw this tweet, and from there got all the woman’s information.

Mason-Kelly was arrested Friday. That’s the good news.

The bad news: Turns out she reportedly had impersonated her sister during one traffic stop, so she’s facing more serious charges in addition to the $1,877 in fines for not appearing in court for the traffic tickets.

As a result of her arrest, she could be evicted from her college dormitory. Twitter has already given her the boot.

Social media can be kind to you or it can oh-so-cruel.

I don’t know how many times I tell people not to post personal stuff on their Facebook, Twitter or any other public social media site.  This woman might as well hung a sign over her head saying “I did it” and stand in front of a police station!

Kids these days with their damn twittering and their facebooking!!

So there you have it, a quick review of what you missed while you were out tanning with that crazy New Jersey mom.


Comments on: "While You Were Partying/Getting Hammered/Looking for Nick Stahl, I Was Digging Up Some News" (5)

  1. Thank God I read this in time. I was just about to twitter twatter tweet about how I force my kid to tan AND to get his fine, toddler hair colored. Highlights work wonders for the boy. Anyways, I’m glad I avoided that kind of police-scrutinized embarrassment. You, dear, are a lifesaver 🙂

  2. Pres.Obama is into pop culture !

  3. iamnotshe said:

    Yes, i knew that dinosaur farts shaped humanity as it is today! That explains a lot! I think i’ll be taking white rabbit to the tanning salon and see if i can pull a FATAL ATTRACTION on the SOB. KIDDING … i don’t have a bunny … but i do prefer brown ones. I’m nuts … never mind. Thanks for the laughs 🙂 as always.

  4. The po po’s will never find me!

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