In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Somehow …. seriously …  I am hitting crazy amounts of hits lately.

Why the sudden interest in my blog people? There must be nothing for you to do anymore.

This was confirmed by my  readers’ Google searches. Weird, weird ass people.

For instance, I have several searches like this: i don’t want to live on this planet anymore; and i don’t live on this planet.

Clearly some people with some serious issues. Yet, I can understand why people are stressed out, depressed and even in rage nowadays.

We have a possibly presidential candidate that is Mormon! The Lakers suck! John Travolta might be gay! Your iPhone cracked!

I know why people don’t wanna live anymore…. but seriously do you have to take it out on the planet. I don’t think Earth has a say about John Travolta or why Kobe Bryant refuses to pass the ball!

Another weirdo or weirdos Googled naked elves. Come on people… it’s not even Christmas!! Organize your porn according to season please! It just throws the rest of us off!

I got one search entitled in love with straitjacket and they were sent to my neck of the woods.

Atta boy buddy, embrace the crazy. Tom Cruise has, Courtney Love has…. just let go and hug it silly!

Last, some poor sap anxiously Googled that he  boinked the babysitter.

The very first thing I did was verify through ravenous beatings  that this wasn’t my husband who googled this. You may also want to verify with yours. I concluded that storing your husband in a huge freezer threatening to stick his nads to some icy poles does the trick.

Just saying.

So there you have it…. there are crazy among us. Most of them on Google. However, I owe them everything. They are the reason I still blog.

Now if you excuse me, I am currently working on the 2012 Christmas Elves Special calendar for this year that I have to get ready.


Comments on: "Google: You Crazy Wanker" (9)

  1. iamnotshe said:

    My complaint on this planet is WHY AREN’T YOU BEING FRESHLY PRESSED, ironed, fluffed and folded on WORDPRESS!!!! un BElievable! You are so funny and talented! OK, i can’t compliment you on every little thing you wrote, but I LOVED every bit!!! Icing and “the boys” … good one! xo

  2. Hmmm. I think I need a bigger freezer.

  3. ryoko861 said:

    LMAO!!! Naked Elves??? How come I don’t get cool search terms. Mine are SO boring! I figured John Travolta was gay. This is nothing new.

  4. Ha ha ha ha!

  5. You’ve been getting a crazy amount of hits because you people are realizing how great your blog is, and how pretty is it too! I love the new layout, it’s just so bright and looks great. But those are definitely some cracker jacks coming across your blog with those search engine terms, I don’t even look at mine, I don’t want to find out what people were searching for when they come across mine!

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