In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The year was 1995. I was about to turn to 10 years old.  I was flying high…. on life people… stay with me!!!

I had just learned that my local radio station would be giving out the newly released VHS copy of the Lion King.

You guys at the time… I was obsessed with the Lion King. God damnit Mufasa dies!!! Its heart breaking!!! Despite the most gut-wrenching scene, I loved it.

Til this day I still know the whole movie by heart. Songs and all.

In fact, you should see the look in my kids’ eyes when they hear me sing the songs. I am like a God to them!!

Anyways…. so I was determined to win a VHS copy from the radio station of The Lion King. So for that whole day I spent the entire calling and redialing and calling and redialing. I never got through. Never… Got… Through….

It was devastating!

By the end of the day I was dehydrated and certainly famished. My mother snuck me pieces of bread but I was too afraid to fill my mouth in case the radio DJ answered and I will need to give the phrase that pays…. in VHS copies of The Lion King.

I was so sure I would win…. I was a  kid calling. Didn’t they know that?? Who were these grown ups calling? They couldn’t love the Lion King like I did.

Sure my mom took me to K-Mart the next day and bought the Lion King movie but that is besides the point. The point is the scarring.

Ever since that day…. I never tried to win anything ever again.

I threw away every Publishers Clearing House, ignored raffles, and especially radio station contests.

My little 9-year-old heart never recovered.

Until yesterday!!!

I get on the computer and read all my blogger friends’ blog and I saw this:

Who Wants a Chocolate Zombie Bunny by Thoughts Appear

And I just fell in love with the bunny. I love bunnies… especially when they are zombies!!!

All Thoughtsy asked for a vote and leave a comment and she would award the lucky winner. Guess what I did… well I voted.

Then I left a comment…. but then I thought… wait I need to express my utmost desire to have this zombie chocolate bunny. I was deserving…. deserving damnit!

So I left this comment:

OK first I am going to give you a guilt trip.
I never win anything!!! Once I stayed on the phone all day calling a radio station hoping to the 11th caller every hour to win a copy of the DVD Lion King.

A zombie chocolate bunny would be the best prize ever!!
I would love it…. and its a zombie!!! Zombies are the best present you give to someone you hardly know. And you hardly know me!!!
Its like I like you (chocolate talking) but if you cross me I will bite that head off (zombie talking).
P.S. Voted!!!!

Oh yea and I also threatened her.

Either way it worked…. and I won a ZOMBIE CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!

So behold my winnings!!

I can’t bring myself to eat it…. its tooo beautiful…. it needs to be worshiped like the deity its suppose to be.

So thanks so much Thoughtsy …. dreams really do come true… THANK YOU!!!!

Oh yea… that’s real blood. Chocolate blood!


Comments on: "The Best Present In The World (my kids are so jealous!!)" (13)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    You realize it’s going to eat your brains if you ever open it! Or if you do eat it, you’ll turn into a zombie. And it’ll still eat your brains.

    But congrats on winning! I think you’re on a streak…go for the Publishers Clearing House now!

  2. I’m glad I could help make your dreams come true. =)

  3. Also…hakuna matata.

  4. iamnotshe said:

    Really, did you bite the bunnies head off? Did you see the blood? Or you’re assuming the blood is chocolate. Oh, i double zombie bunny dare you 😉

    Oh, and OMG you are young. I haven’t even SEEN the Lion King. Course, i’ve heard it’s uplifting and i prefer movies like Leaving Las Vegas. OY! hugs, you!!!! m

  5. I love the Zombie Chocolate bunny, how cute is that?? I’m so excited that you won this delicious zombie bunny especially since I can relate to never winning anything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried and then I still haven’t won it over and over again, so I’m glad you got to win such a yummy zombie!

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