In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Wedgies Are Cool Again

Things I Noticed:

  1. Who names their child Bar?! The Irish??!!
  2.  Bar is actually playing by herself. WHAT!?!? She couldn’t hire any friends!!!
  3. She isn’t any good at tennis….
  4. She played for 5 minutes without breaking a sweat…. a-ma-zing!!
  5. She has multiple wedgies and she only picked it once.
  6. Don’t smell your fingers!!!!
  7. It is totally cool to pick your underwear outta your ass crack…. I am going to quit hiding in the bathroom for now on.



Comments on: "Wedgies Are Cool Again" (6)

  1. iamnotshe said:

    OH yes … i SO want my buttocks to be ACCENTUATED (sp) like that. Oh, and DO, Ms. Bar smell your fingers. Get a willy, or fuzzy, whatever girls get. EW. Please …

  2. I picked a giant wedgie in my FRONT yard the other day. My neighbors already don’t talk to me. I just wanna keep things consistent 🙂

    • Yeah that totally makes sense.
      Cause then you have to one up yourself. That requires work. Just keep it simple ….
      Stay classy Tori. Stay classy.

  3. ryoko861 said:

    Who the hell is she any way? A tennis player? I’ve never heard of her. Maria Sharapova is MUCH nicer looking! She was told by the director to “pick a wedgie” to make her butt jiggle alittle and give any guys a woody. It’s all about sex!

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