In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I got another award today. All these awards should do wonders for my self-esteem. But you know what would really do wonders for my esteem?? 540 million dollars.

Yeah… I would be happy with half of that. And half of that half… and half of that half.

So anyways…. I got this blog award called


Mel over at iamnotshe blog awarded me this today. Just my luck cause I had nothing for this blog.

Thank you Mel. I love your blog. Your writing is intense, deep, and very moving.

There are so many blogs out there but we know very little about the blogger them self. That is what the award is for. I wanna get to know you all. So along with sharing 7 things about myself I will ask 7 other bloggers to share about them self.

The Rules and Regulations for Acceptance of “Tell Me About Yourself” Award:

1.  You will need to Thank the person that nominated you first (me) and link the blog to that person before you start.

2. Tell the world 7 things we might find interesting about you.

3. Then you add your 7 nominees.

Thanks Mel. Your consideration means the world to me.

So 7 things about myself….

1. I am conflicted with myself and have been as long as I can remember. I value my own feelings but I don’t trust them. Some how I got it in my mind that I have no right to be angry or hurt and I feel stupid for feeling so.

2.  I’m not crazy. I just don’t  value my opinion as much as everyone else does.

3. I wish I was stronger. Having a passive attitude is  not stronger.

4. The best thing I have done with my life is have kids. I am scared when they grow up because then I won’t “have “them anymore.

5.  All I ever wanted in my entire life is to be loved. That is all I ever wanted. I doesn’t matter about anything else as long as I am loved.

6. It no longer bothers me when people don’t like me anymore. And because of that, I feel awesome.

7.  I have learned to appreciate being by myself. Doesn’t mean I like it but I see the value in the calmness now.

So to the 7 people I say…. enlighten me!



Me, Myself, and i


Rub Hub

My Lovely Thoughts Dot Com




Comments on: "The Truth About Marina Sleeps" (6)

  1. iamnotshe said:

    Aw honey. You are loved, and you are awesome, and congratulations for BEING you! xo mel

  2. OMG, what’s not to love about you!? You’re warm, compassionate, caring and down right hysterically funny!

    Thank you for the nomination, but you already know how I feel about these awards! Beside, there really isn’t too much to know about me. I’m pretty boring.

  3. I’d say that you are loved too, and thank you for the award! I feel exactly the same when I get angry about something or hurt, or sad for that matter, and tend to end up burying it or feeling guilty about having those emotions. I think that it’s great not caring what others think too because you shouldn’t change yourself to make someone happy, or to change yourself into something they want.

  4. Thanks baby doll E

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