In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I like to drink… we all like to drink… but there are some people… WHO SHOULDN’T DRINK.

Wait no I take that back… people should drink. It’s drugs people shouldn’t do. Unless!!! Unless someone videotapes them doing some crazy stuff.

Then its all gravy. Cause laughing is good for us even at the expense of us. Hey Darwin said it… survival of the fittest or something. I don’t remember I was sleeping in the class. Or out doing drugs.

Fuck I can’t remember.

I love how everyone is just watching. No one is laughing. WHY ARE THEY NOT LAUGHING?!?!

I am laughing.

That tree doesn’t care… why?

Cause it HAD SEX!

P.S. I want that girl’s tutu. Did you see her?

Wow I am really impressed with her moves. She was as awkward as a beached whale. In cases like this people, it is definitely OK to stare!!  You have my permission.

Where did the hippies go?

I found them… they are all here! Flower children from the past and flower children of the present unite!!

What’s the lesson for today?

I sure hope it isn’t  say no to drugs cause that would be crazy!!!


Comments on: "Drugs Rock…. Let Me Show You Why" (4)

  1. iamnotshe said:

    OK, i’m laughing … OUT LOUD … my arse off! TOO FUNNY! Man, i’m glad videos barely existed when i was of the age of slosh-drinking. Not sure i’ve done any of the swimming, tree humping or interpretive dancing however. JEESH. MORE BOOZE for them.

  2. ryoko861 said:

    Lesson today? If you want a viral video, find someone on drugs! It makes the world more entertaining.

  3. iamnotshe said: You’re it! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF BLOG AWARD! Congratulations! xo m

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