In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


It amazes me what surprises you. Strangers today surprised. Strangers went and above and beyond. And because of me, I wouldn’t let them help. I’m not sure why. I was scared, worried, afraid to be a burden.
But yet, they genuinely wanted to help. People I don’t know. All we have in common are children.
I hope I didn’t look helpless but I was.
I asked for help and no one came. No one came…
But the strangers helped.
I was surprised too on who didn’t help. Who didn’t give a fuck… Who didn’t care. I was surprised. I was the last one to know.
Now I’m left all confused. Who can you count on?
Yourself one.
Others? Maybe ….
I think I have been wanting someone to take care of me all my life because all I ever did was take care of my self and others.
I just wanted a little back.
Did I get it today? Yes but not from where i expected.
Something little adds fuel to a already lit flame.
How much more? How much more can it take?

Comments on: "Surprise" (7)

  1. Sometimes, help comes from where we least expect it. You’ve always helped yourself and others. One good turn deserves another! Smiles. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from a stranger or not, seeds return multiplied at harvest!

  2. I would’ve helped u…

  3. ryoko861 said:

    I hope everything is ok!

    teeceecounel is right, help comes from where you least expect it! There are humane people out there you do care and it doesn’t matter what race, gender, or religion, they are the ones that will come to your aid if you need it immediately.

    Yes, it is nice to get back when all you’ve done is put out yourself to others for so long!

    It also goes to prove who your real friends are!

  4. It’s amazing how things like that can happen, I’m always surprised the help you can get from strangers, people who barely even know you, while family it may not be as much. I’ve always been one to help others too and I never want to accept help because you just don’t want to be a burden.

  5. No one that “should” care ever does. That’s an unfortunate truth I realized quite a while ago, and the reason why I moved away from everyone that should matter. Sorry you had to find out too 😦

  6. Ashley Lopez said:

    I understand this so well. U give and u give and u give and for what? So it can go unnoticed?! Not even a sincere thank u for all u do….I get this completely.

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