In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The movie I watched last night should be evident enough that I will watch anything…. anything!!!

However despite what you would think I actually liked this movie. It was so weird.

It is indie film with the same feel as Napoleon Dynamite. The movie takes place nowadays but has the whole 80’s feel with the funky clothes and hair. OR, these kids could live in the middle of nowhere where time doesn’t exist and they seem to have been forgotten by the outside world. You make up your own theory.

Spork is about a girl nicknamed Spork. She has several of the classic markers of outsider status, including a trailer park address and comically bad hair. Oh, and she’s a hermaphrodite.

Yes she has  that whole double… vagina…. penis…. you know what I’m saying!!

Except I would kill for her hair. KILL!!

It just needs a comb, people, calm down!


Every character is weird in this movie even without a extra member.  Hee Hee I said member.

Anywho, poor Spork is just trying to make it through middle school in a town that seems to know all her crazy details. We meet Spork at rock bottom, where it seems everyone, including a gaggle of Britney Spears-obsessed tween girls, has it in for her.

Through all her drama, Spork convinces herself she has to win the school’s dance off to earn money to make herself pretty. Obviously she can’t dance to save her life so with nowhere to turn, her Krump-tastic friend Tootsie helps show her some moves.

Let me tell you. These little middle school girls can move!! I wish I could shake my ass that way they can. Its like their butt is not even connected to their body!!

In the process, Spork makes friends and learns she is special just by being her.

This movie is quirky, imaginative and outrageously funny little movie that will speak to you more than you would like to admit. The idea of a sexual discovery narrative driven by a 12 year old wasn’t entirely appealing to me. But, having said that, my view was instantly and irreversibly changed. Within the first ten minutes of the film, you will find yourself gripped by a cast matured far beyond their years, and intimate and precise direction that is often lacking in even the most impressive titles. I found the writing was very good. Rather than talking down to the young cast, the script really exalts them, and you feel on an emotional par with every member of the cast.

I also learned from this movie that is it representing a new kind of movie genre. Spork is the mark of a new hybrid genre of literary punk. Introducing “bitpunk.” Bitpunk, it seems,  has been namelessly around for a while now, most noticeably within the music scene known as “chip tune” or “chip music,” which re-purposes the sounds and technologies of early 8-bit software (like Game Boy music) in order to create  dance music.

Bitpunk also utilizes historically-pegged motifs. So, while Spork definitely takes place in the present (numerous references to Britney Spears tell us this), the setting and props speak to a time influenced almost entirely by Nintendo and Z.Cavaricci clothing.

Spork’s “white-trash” brother has a killer mullet with lines shaved in the sides, works on his Delorean while giving relationship advice, and owns a BMX. Spork’s phone is one of those plastic see-through kinds. Spork’s friend Tootsie Roll is obsessed with Afro Sheen. Almost the entire soundtrack is made up of “chip tune” music.

They are trapped in a time not accessible to us!!

After watching the movie, I came to the conclusion that I just watched a one of a kind film. It was just an odd ball comedy that dared to be different. Some people won’t be able to handle it’s quirkiness and it’s out of the ordinary characters.

I just realized that I do Netflix good by recommending movies I have seen on their website.

Where are my perks??

Where is my free shit??

You listening Netflix?

Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- Spork!!!" (6)

  1. iamnotshe said:

    Oh yeah, EXCELLENT review … and IN FACT i want to see the SPORKSTER! I am a snob-ola when it comes to movies, and this sounds so cute. Man a double sex problem. Ew … kind of. I mean, i bet she’s infinitely cooler than the Britney Spears wanabees. EW B. Spears too. Famous for …. erm something i never got. Hey, but i’m old.

    CALL NETFLIX AND the NYT, tell them you want royalties!!! xoxo melis

  2. I’ve got your comment right here .!.

  3. Damn, girl, I so wanna see this movie now! And I never get to see movies!! Thanks for the recommendation. Netflix totally owes you.

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