In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Last night I put my kids to bed. I put them in their special pajamas. I tucked them in. I ran my fingers over their hair and their faces as I talked to them about what we are doing tomorrow. I kissed them goodnight.

They smiled and closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep. They did this with a care, worry, or fear in the world. For them, there is always a tomorrow.It’s something they will always count on.

They were born here. America, land of the great home of the free. They are protected, they have rights.

Others are not so lucky.

The one point that hit it hard for me was that one line:

Whether you live or not should not be determined by where you live in the world.

I am totally enthralled by this story. I am totally moved. I am going to order my action kit. And I am going to make Kony famous.

Comments on: "If There Is One Thing You Learn Today Let It Be This (#StopKony)" (16)

  1. Sweet children! Love your kids. What a great mom you are! I’ll have to visit Kony later, raincheck?

  2. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Not to sound crazy but what is this #Kony shit. I don’t tend to be woke long enough to actually watch TV. (I do now but long story) Who is Kony and what did she do? Help me out here. I learned who One Direction was a couple of weeks ago. Lol.

    • John Kony is this man leading the Uganda rebels. He steals children; boys are captured and put in his army and the girls are used as sex slaves. He has been doing this for 20 years. He has the young boys kill their own parents. 20 years which equals up to 30,000 kids.
      He kills the kids when necessary.
      He is the most wickedest man.
      Did you see the video.
      It explains more in detail.

      • Wow. No, I been a little busy. Haven’t seen the video. Is it with him killing kids or about who he is? Some stuff even I won’t watch. Where is this video? Thx.

  4. Oh sorry. Using tablet. Looked like a picture. Watching now.

  5. Spreading the word now.

  6. Here is the deal I am all about finding this Kony Guy however it would be nice if people would be passionate about issues in our own country. While your children are lucky to have you as a mom. Many are not as fortunate. Each day we have children not going to school because of hunger, lack of parents, physical and or Emotional abuse. Where is the Campaign for them USA2012. We have enough problems to focus on without worrying about other countries or one day we will be just like them!

    • Very true.
      However, the fact is that America is better protecting there people then other countries.
      Still, I feel that no matter we should always help at least children because we have the power and the resource to do it.

    • Now that is true. I’ve seen the decline of everything around me including the people. They shooting people for iPhones here. Where is our help? People out here in the cold asking for money with they kids with them. Something needs to be done here and quick.
      However, Kony deserves to die for what he has done and I can’t turn back on that.

      • True America is not perfect but we are nothing compared to Uganda. Nothing.
        We have rights do. Our babies have rights.
        These children in Africa don’t. You just can’t just rule them unlucky.

      • Well spoken. It is a tough and touchy subject. But Kony needs to pay for what he has done either way. He just shouldn’t be able to move about freely. The more we talk about this, the more we raise awareness. Something needs to be done.

      • And it does make you look closer in your home. I am paying more attention to child abuse cases.

      • I have witnessed child abuse first hand and made the decision not to react. For that, I feel bad. Crime here is out of control and I fear for my safety and the safety of my daughter each time I leave home. We have started to dress differently to prevent being robbed and killed. It happens on a regular. America has problems but not like those of theses other countries. Here, we have become desperate because people are losing everything. It saddens me sometimes.

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