In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I don’t know why but people falling seriously crack me up. Of course I was worried about her since she didn’t even try to get up through this whole boring report. I was also concerned about her phone as well.

Geez, that was a little excessive don’t you think?

They are slippery when wet

Yes. Yes you are.

So ….. I am now going to start watching the news.

You never know when you can point out a dumbass.


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday- Bloopers from" (4)

  1. Ok, I missed something with that second video. What was she being a kill joy about? And was that person holding a dead dolphin or something? Clue me in.

    Fox News is good for stuff like this.

    The first one was hilarious! And they are actually thinking about making texting and walking illegal! For this reason!

    • They should. I would hate to have to explain to a doctor that I was walking and texting and injured my head!!

      I feel the same way about the second video. She wasn’t being a killjoy; I thought she was being concerned. The angry sledder was the one that went berserk in my opinion. Like her co-anchor added… waa waa waaa

  2. Jesus, SEATTLE get with the program. Someone didn’t have enough COFFEE!!!! grumpy.

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