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I Hang My Head In Shame

So yesterday I took a vacation day from work.

My husband and I went to my daughters’ award  assembly. She got the terrific kid award which I think is the equivalent to an employee of the month.

I asked her if she got any bonuses, extra benefits, a raise and she told me she received two pencils, a sticker, and a hug.  Wow, she is going to make a perfect candidate working for Wal-Mart!!!

I kid!! Hopefully its Target she works for. Who doesn’t like Target?!?!

After that, it was breakfast, running errands, taking all my kids to the dentist which is very exhausting.

I hate going to the dentist probably more than my kids do.

If you ever wanna feel like a shitty parent, feel like you couldn’t possibly hit bottom, by all means go the dentist.

Two of my kids had cavities so they got fillings.  Man the entire time, this one guy was talking shit to me. THE ENTIRE TIME!!

They brush every day people!! I swear it!! They don’t even eat candy. Ask them!! They always ask if they can have some, and I always say no.

I don’t have a sweet tooth so whether or not they do, they don’t get shit!

My kids are guilty of drinking a lot of juices. That’s my fault. I honestly didn’t realize that it was so bad.

Yes! Slap me!

But god damn, this one dentist was giving it to me hard! Hard!

I told him I understand. I will limit the juices, they won’t have any sweets til October.

I could not get out there quicker.

The next time I go there, if someone makes a comment again, I think I am gonna pick my kid and walk out and take my business somewhere else.

Dude what is up with that?!?!

I remember going to the ER and the nurse drilling me how my daughter got hurt.  Simple. She was climbing a tree and fell. A tree that she has climbed over a hundred times.

Am I not suppose to let them play or be kids?

She was probing my daughter because she couldn’t exactly ask if mommy hurts her. She did let her know that this is a safe place and she could say anything here and nothing bad was going to happen to her.


Nothing was even broken. I took her to make sure she was fine  and didn’t have a concussion. I remember my daughter even getting annoyed, stopping with the nurse in the room asking me why she keeps asking her over and over. She fell off a tree enough said.

I understand that there are certain things they have to ask but do they have probe and basically make you feel like you scum of the earth because your kid had stains on a back tooth or because she was playing in a tree.

Ughhhhhhhhh, I am frustrated now because I am sure 75% of the time, a parent is a good parent. Nurturing, loving, careful. However, don’t you have to let your kids be kids?

And because I am sensitive as fuck, this shit is going to be bothering me for a least a week.

After that, we took the kids to a nice dinner of their choice for Savannah’s award.

All in all, it was a great day.

And that is why there is no Thursday movie review today.

I also got two pair of shoes.



Comments on: "I Hang My Head In Shame" (13)

  1. I know what you mean! The hygienist starting grilling me because my son had a pin hole for a cavity! A PIN HOLE SIZE CAVITY!!! He’s 20! His FIRST ONE! Are you kidding me?? “Children should brush twice a day! It’s up to the parents to make sure.” Yeah, bite me bitch. I’m going to nag my 20 year old every night to brush his teeth? I don’t think so!

    This isn’t anything new either. When I was little, I was always getting black and blue marks on my legs because I was so freakin’ klutzy. So when I would go for my annual visit to the doctor for shots and stuff, the doctor and nurses would look at my mother very skeptically. And ask me how I got those black and blue marks.

    What I can’t stand is the condescending attitude the nurses have. Not every child that walks into an ER has been beaten. Like you said, aren’t they allowed to be kids and just play!? Accidents DO happen! There are certain tell tale signs that a child is being abused. They need to know what they are. Not to assume everytime.

  2. Don’t worry – my mom had child protective services called on her (they do that if a kid shows up at the hospital a certain number of times within a three month period). I had been in for a fall, for swallowing an unknown number of tylenol (because, at toddler age, i could open the childproof caps), and… something else, probably related to climbing. Our family doctor reassured the cps people that, no, they just had a real handful of a child, they weren’t abusing me. After all, this was the doctor whose bookshelves I scaled once, trying to reach the ‘pretty kitties’ on the top shelf. Children are supposed to play – don’t turn into a helicopter mom, because then they’ll tell you that you’re psychologically damaging your kid in some way, too!

  3. I have never met a dentist that I likes. Ever! And yes, me and my Italian temper have gotten into a dentist’s face and threaten her ( long story ). Needless to say, I wasn’t allowed to go back there. I would take my enemy there, lay alone a child. My kids brush there teeth every day, and two out of the three have braces. They are well taken care of. Even so, cavities happen. It’s the cavities that keep these fucking assholes employed and in business.


    I’m okay. Hostile much? Nah…

  4. Oh the “safe place” doctor would get a face palm from me, lady.

  5. What’s a Dentist?


  7. Find another dentist. It’s so not worth it! People who get off on making you feel bad about yourself are not worth the effort, and they sure don’t deserve for you to give them your hard-earned money.

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