In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Ever since I read lists of other bloggers favorite songs,  I have been wanting to do it too. However, I can’t put my entire iPod on here. That would be so ludicrous! And I certainly can’t do a countdown from my list favorite to top favorite because I don’t know if I can like one song more than the other.

It’s just not fair to the other songs!!!

So I am going to list them in no particular order but …. I am going to list the number one as my ultimate favorite song. I do have one song that I love and makes me extremely happy.

So here is my list from 50 -26!!

#50. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon-Neil Diamond- I love this song. Something about it so dark and sensual. Plus I love Neil Diamond. He is the man!! I have his CDs and even though I get made fun of I don’t care. After Pulp Fiction, how cool is Neil? Very Cool!

#49. A-Punk-Vampire Weekend- I first discovered these guys on SNL and I really like them. I love the way the singer sings and they just have a different sound. They are upbeat and extremely catchy!

#48. Ain’t Much Left to Loving You-Randy Montana– I don’t think I have heard anymore from this new country singer but that’s ok cause I jam out to this song constantly. This song was so simple and so well written. I love country but I feel I am very picky when it comes to country.

Tie with #48 Desvalado- Bobby Pulido Dont ask me what he is saying. I love this song regardless. It sounds pretty something about stars. That is pretty much what I understand but I still love it.

#47. Ain’t Nothin Bout You-Brooks and Dunn– This song came out early in my marriage. It is one of “our” songs though it hasn’t been set in stone. I love the lyrics. Its how every girl wants her man to feel about her.

#46 All Around Me-Flyleaf– This is one those songs that I love to turn it up and belt out in the car. If you know me, I love girls singers period. It’s the feminist in me!!

#45 Amber-311-I love this band and this song. It just reminds me of high school and these guys are cool and suave in

their music. Its grooving music.

#44 Ana’s Song-Silverchair– I so went through a grunge stage when I was younger as you will tell through the list. Silverchair though is an epic bad. This song… I have no idea what it means. But it sounds so cool without explanation.

#43 Any Fun-Coconut Records I learned about this band through my sister. I am so glad she introduced them because they are so good. And if you notice the singer is an actor as well.

#42 Whatever You Like-Anya Marina Sultry voice, great name… what is there not to like?? I just discovered her by googling myself. Yea me!!

#41 Asleep-The Smiths I was introduced to The Smiths by a crazy co-worker at a restaurant I used to work at when I was 18. He was obsessed with The Smiths. He thought they could bring world peace. Sadly, that never happened. I also read this book called The Perks of Being a Wall Flowers that actually listed this song.  This song soothes me.

Tie with #41 This Year’s Love- David Gray  Yeah every time I hear this song… every damn time… I cry. Its gripping and it affects so deeply. Sweet lyrics and melody to match.

#40 Bad Habit-Offspring This is a totally bitching song. It’s great to fuel road rage! Best lyrics ever.

#39 Be Quiet and Drive-Deftones This band is from the city I live in. It was the song that helps describe the nonsense I was getting into during my teenage years. They were also the first concert I attended. It seriously laid a lasting impression.

#38 Believe- The Bravery I actually have to say if I was making a top list this one song would be up. I love The Bravery but I love this song. There are certain songs that just affect you whether it’s the melody or lyrics. This song is one of them. I feel like it’s a statement that I think of all the time.

#37 Better Man-Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam must be on every list. And I love this song. I love how this song starts off. This song just totally means nostalgia for me.

#36 Bitch-Meredith Brooks Yes, Yes I like this song. I was 13 when this song came out. And I was totally getting into girl singers and this song just felt like an anthem. Pretty lame now that I think of it. But this song still makes me smile.

#35 Could You Be Love-Bob Marley I wish I could say I really am into Bob Marley but I can’t. Only a few songs have interested me and this is one of them. I totally liked what he stood for and his music is lasting.

Tie with #35 Sunny Came Home-Paula Cole  This song is haunting. I remembering hearing it once and I liked the song ever since. That was like 10 years ago maybe more and it still haunts.

#34 Glycerine- Bush Ah yes, Bush. I love everything they have ever made. And I am so back they are still music. Bush is one of the best bands in my opinion. They were big when I was growing up. Gavin Rosedale has such a gritty voice and the rocker look. He together with Bush will make my list more than once.

#33 Carrying Your Love With Me- George Strait If you like country you have to love the king of country. This is such an old song but its the nicest most sweetest song. You can’t go wrong with any of George’s songs.  He is the crooner of country. Yes, we are on a first name basis.

#32 Closure-Chevelle I am a big fan of Chevelle. I really feel they are one of the most unappreciative bands of rock. Every song is powerful and melody is seductive. I love Chevelle!

#31 Colorful- The Verve Pipe– One of my favorite bands when I was growing up. I have to say I don’t know anyone that likes them as I do.

#30 Combat Baby-Metric You will find me often singing this song loud in the car. Metric is my favorite band right now. They have this rock dance music going on.

#29 Man in the Box- Alice in Chains  I can’t say I am a heavy metal freak. This is as crazy as I go. I remember being with my deeply family and one friend who was very religious was told me, “Don’t sing this song! It says deny your maker.” Made me like it even more.

#28 Songs About Rain- Gary Allen  He is my personal favorite country singer. I get this rebel rocker country-style from him.

#27 Crystalized-The XX They are a new British band I just discovered. This is my favorite song from them but I have to say I listened to their entire album (is that correct;album?) and it’s just great! I hope they come up with more music. Every time I hear this song, I wanna light a cigarette.

#26 Ex-Factor- Lauren Hill   This is such a powerful song. I love the lyrics in this song. It describes a relationship that just isn’t working. It’s so honest and so simple.  It explains sometimes what we can’t.

Wow this was easier than I thought. Then I realized that I love every single song I have. So its going to get interesting next Friday when I do the continuation of this list. 1-25 next week!!


Comments on: "Musical Revolution- The List 26-50" (4)

  1. I can’t wait to see #1. I hope it’s Baby Got Back. I know you just gave me an award, but I gave one back to you. =)

  2. I love that you found new music by googling yourself! Apparently the only thing that pops up when I google myself is scary female boxers and hate mail from Baptists… I’m hoping they don’t like boxers. I’m pretty sure it’s me 😦

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