In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Guess what bitches???!!!

Just playing.. I should never have called you a bitch. Its wrong, degrading, and  a futile attempt to sound cool and hip.

Truth is I don’t have to get all Bad Girls Club/Jersey Shore on you.

Plus some of you readers are dudes and that just doesn’t make any sense unless we were in prison!

Where was I?

Oh yea… I have recently received (i before e except after c)  not 1 but 3 awards!!

I received two Versatile Blogger Awards

and The Liebster Award

This is what happens when you lie on countless of applications. Eventually, it will all pay off!!

And right now I am channeling Jim Carey in The Mask!

You love me! You really love me!!

And like everything in life there is a catch….

But the email said I could test a iPad 2 for free!!!!

Rules are in order …. And I must follow them.

I posted the awards above but I must also thank the wonderful people who nominated me for this bounty!!

I thank Thought Chronicle , Jumping in Mud Puddles , ThypolarLife .

I must say I love your blogs!! Not only are they funny, thought-provoking, and great blogs but you guys make me wanna blog too.

I also must list and inspire 7 things about myself.

1. I’m super bad ass. I was bad ass but now that I lived til 27 I am now super bad ass.

2. I wish I could sing. I don’t know if I would be a professional singer or not but damnit every classy lady should be able to carry a tune!

3. I don’t know about you but work cramps my style. I rather be asleep, cleaning the toliets, even changing diapers then be at work.

4. I hate pompous pricks but who doesn’t!!

5. I wish I had been born in the hippie era. I sometimes feel lost in this era. At least in the hippie era, I could blame the drugs for the confusion.

6. I am addicted to iTunes.

7.  This is my favorite number.

Now I must nominate 5 for the Versatile  award and 5 for the Liebster award.

Now as any good mother, I can’t have favorites but who am I kidding it’s usually the quietest kid at the moment.

So for the Versatile Award I nominate 5 wonderful bloggers …..

Pkitass because when she finally does blog its epic and controversial!! And funny. Her journey to Costco and the play by-play action on scoring samples is definitely in my play book!

Wise Counsel is different and very insightful.  The quotes  and poems are always nice to hear and make your day.

RubHub is blogger that does simply that. She blogs about her life and is very candid and smart. I sometimes feel its more like  a diary than a blog. Then I feel bad cause I always read my sister’s blog when she wasn’t around.

Ziiplight . This blog is different than most to what I subscribe too. Its intersting and there are always amazing pics to look at! Great photography blog!

ThypolarLife Her blogs are well written, funny, smart but then they can turn and tell a gripping life story that you can’t forget.

Congrats! I like Dooney and Bourke if you wanna get me a thank you present!

Now for the Liebster award, I nominate these 5 bloggers

Thoughts Appear Never have I met anyone who loves and worships sweets as this girl!! And then she does this awesome spin and makes it all funny and cute in her blog. Hlarious!! She also does great movie reviews!

Jumping in Mud Puddles is a hilarious blog that tells stories of her self as a child and her crazy antics with her mother. She kisses bees, dreams of being a smoking actress and still to this day she tries to invent things like a pencil that is also a flask! Brilliant!!!

Girl Contrary She is such a hilarious blogger. Her thoughts became words and they never leave you bored. Girl is witty, funny, and a girl after my own heart whatever that means.

The Ramblings This is a great blog! Tori is hilarious as she blogs about motherhood, marriage and just life in general. Her funny perspective will leave you thinking and having a great life.

Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me is such an awesome blog. This girl literally needs to be the 5th member of the Sex and The City Girls. She is crazy and fun and you are secretly wishing she would get laid!!!

Congrats to all of you!!!

So there you have it winners!!

Now go out there and prove me right!!!

Seriously though…. write your little heart out people!!

Comments on: "It’s All About Me Me Me!!!!" (12)

  1. Thank you comment to follow later

  2. Congrats and thank you! I think we should celebrate…. drinks maybe?

  3. Bitch is my middle name, bitch!
    They should issue trophies.
    I think these are well deserved! I always enjoy your blog! You insight is humorous, thought provoking, and from the heart!
    Kudos to you!

  4. Is this for real? Marinasleeps just made my day! I feel fly! Wow! I’m jumping in excitement!

  5. bloohmoon said:

    Gratz. I do love this blog and Thypolar’s.

  6. Thank you for the nomination, yay! That was really sweet of you. I never thought I’d be nominated for anything! This is very exciting, thank you and it definitely made my day for sure!

  7. I wish I could sing, too. I wish I could sing like a black woman; I love their voices.

    Congrats! And thanks for the award! It’s funny that you gave me one because I’m working on a post where I give you the same award. I’m still giving it to you because you’re cool.

  8. Congarulations ! You deserve it.

    Cheers !

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