In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Photo Bomb!!!

I am unsure if I am  hung over or still asleep.

I don’t remember drinking or sleeping.

So here is the best half-ass Monday blog I can give you.

Hopefully, it will start the newest trend and people will post photo bombs everywhere.

I know I want to do it… but maybe tomorrow.

Seriously, didn't the person taking the pic see the most obvious?!?!

Whoa.... what is this selling cause I am buying!!


Ha ha Burn!!!


Ha ha ... I can't .... ha ha ha.... classic!!

Creep Alert

Heyyyyy isn't that....

What the,,,, what are they feeding these kids??


And there you go.

Now go forth …. Photo Bomb everywhere!


Comments on: "Photo Bomb!!!" (5)

  1. Photo bomb! Nice concept. Smiles!

  2. This will definitely make me take a closer look at any photos and pics that I come across! I can’t stand those “duck” lips girls make!

  3. I think this should be a regular feature!

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