In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The Oscars are set to show on Feb 26th. I suddenly realized that I haven’t seen any of the movies except two.

So here are my reviews on the movies I have not seen based on what I know.

I know … weird.

But I apparently do everything half-ass so lets continue the half-assing!

  1. The Artist

   You know, I do wanna see this movie. I want to see if we, nowadays, can channel back when movies were picture perfect cinema.

The Artist takes place in Hollywood in 1927. The movie bases about a silent film star who feels he is fazing out because talking in films is now being introduced.  He then meets a young dancer who is looking for her big break.

It’s a romantic comedy and it looks cute. Plus the fact that  I never heard of the main actor and actress at all.

So two thumbs up for originality and the whole black and white idea until further notice.


2. The Descendants

    I have heard two different opinions on this movie. One said it sucked and the other said it was very good.  So I am a bit conflicted.  I would rent this movie rental worthy. So in case it does suck at least I didn’t sell my soul for a theater ticket.  What am I talking about? I am a mother with three very small kids of course I would sell my soul to go see a movie in an actual theater!!!

Oh yeah, the movie. From what I hear, George Clooney plays the part of a father who tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.  The wife is on life support. Somewhere in between, George Clooney finds that his wife was cheating on him. So he takes his daughter with him to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with his wife.

This sounds emotional and thought-provoking.

And I hope he pounds the shit outta that real estate broker.

I am going to say one thumbs up and the other is still in the bathroom after finishing some Taco Bell so he is undecided.




3.  Hugo

   Nope. Don’t wanna see it but I know I am going to see it against my will!!!











4. War Horse

I am a bit disappointed. This movie looks really awesome. However, it seems like it’s about a love story between a young boy and a horse.

*scratches head*

A boy and his horse are inseparable. However, when the family falls onto hard times, the horse is sold to the British cavalry. The boy meanwhile joins the army and soon finds his horse. Little does he knows the horse has been through a crazy ordeal. Now the horse must be sold.

Will they be able to stay together?

God I don’t wanna cry already!!!!

Two thumbs down for the pressure in my head!!!




So there you go, a quick highlight on a few of the nominees of best picture. Please let me know if they were good or not, or if, as usual, I am full of shit.

Thank You

P.S. Where are the zombies?? Zombies deserve Oscars too!!

Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- Ummmm No I Haven’t Seen It" (15)

  1. I watch lots of movies but haven’t seen any of these nor would I like to. No zombies or killers or horror. No me.

  2. great summaries of the movies, lol. Poor you, knowing which movies you won’t enjoy that you’ll have to see anyways.
    I don’t want to see war-horse, because I have no interest in spending the entire duration of a movie in tears. Apparently there’s a lot of horses-dying/suffering, so I’m putting it in the Marley-and-me category (the entire movie, you know what’s going to happen! And yet, I still watched it. Stupid me. Now I only watch animal-movies i’m pretty sure won’t leave me in tears.)

  3. Haven’t even heard of The Artist…. interesting. Not sure what my thoughts on it are. My life is so hectic that slow movies that don’t have a lot of action or emotional investment don’t keep my attention.

    The descendants looks like it may have a great story line, but do I really want to hate the world by the time I’m done watching it? I’m on the fence. maybe we should watch it together (at the same time) one day and share our thoughts as the movie plays. A Date?

    Not interested in Hugo and am hoping that the kids aren’t either. But like you, if they want to see than so will I! We should get an award for this shit or something….

    War Horse… you know, they have websites for people obsessed with animals. Definitely NOT my thing.

    I love your 1/2 assedness. You rock!

  4. I want to see George Clooney. I don’t care what movie he’s in. Hugo looks stupid. War Horse will probably leave me crying. The Artist doesn’t interest me.

    So, you have to review the George Clooney movie.

  5. The Artist? Not interested. It seems gimicky to me.
    The Descendants – seen it and I give it a big thumbs up. I went in knowing very little about it apart from Oscar buzz for Clooney. Buzz that he deserves btw. And I think not knowing the plot made it all the better. I loved it.

    Hugo? Not interested. Seems like one of those animated movies that can’t decide if its for kids or adults. Yes I’m a bit cynical at the moment.

    Warhorse – its more about the horse. I wasn’t going to see it because I thought it would be sappy. I saw it at my brother’s. It was good and yes its a tear-jerker. Red Dog was better tho.

  6. The War Horse is something I probably couldn’t see without crying … I get that way about animals and movies and stuff like that. I’m happy with you reviewing any and all of the films because I love your reviews and always look forward to them!

  7. I will be watching all these movies. Not sure when, where or with who but it will be DONE!

  8. I’m with you on the zombies. Maybe if there was a movie about a zombie and his horse it would get make it next year.

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