In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

For the most part, the things that get represented here in “Blogging Land” are the bloggers. And rightly so. Each blogger writes their own different views, feelings, life stories, funny perspective, or just anything that they deem blog worthy.  It takes time, planning, thoughtfulness to keep up a blog today.

For those that do it, whether regularly or not, you are admired and respected. The fact that you take a chance and connect this way is really what it is all about.

However, we can’t over look an important aspect in the blogging scheme.

The Readers.

I know that special feeling I get whenever I get email telling me that I have a new comment, or someone liked my post, and that I have a new subscriber. Perhaps I have low self-esteem, I need attention, perhaps I need you to tell me that I exist. You see me… in this way.

Bottom Line…..

Thank you!!!

Thank you because you could be doing something else completely different but you chosen to take  10 minutes to read my measly blog.

That makes me feel so wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I will try to put out some quality crap that doesn’t waste 10 minutes of your life.

So in honor of You!!! I dedicate today’s musical revolution to You!!

First off,  you all are my figurative Roxanne and I just wanna say you don’t have to put on the red light.

But still it’s always just you and me always… and forever….



Comments on: "Reflection: I Would Not Be “Here” If It Wasn’t For You. Thank you." (12)

  1. My dearest Marina you must know by now I always read your blog it gives me that laugh out loud in the middle of the workday break I always need! However these rat bastards are always watching what I do since my chubby fingers do not do so well typing on iPad I do not always post comments!

    Keep up the good work

    Your biggest fan, Stan

  2. You is sweetness. Thanks 🙂

  3. Oh chicke, stop! I always look forward to your blog posts! You’re the “blogger” we’re the “blogees”. If we didn’t want to read your inane thoughts, you wouldn’t have subscribed! You blog is unique! You write like you talk! And I always enjoy our choice of music. I haven’t heard of half the people you listen to but that’s the way we all learn!
    ((HUGS)) Can’t wait for the next movie review!

  4. One more thing…I fucking love that dog up there with the flowers! Is he too cute or what?

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog thoroughly! Glad you are in my computer…or on or whatever.:)

  6. I love your blogging and definitely look forward to your posts. It gets me excited to see you’ve posted something new so the feeling is mutual!

  7. bloohmoon said:

    I’m new here but I feel at home so far. This blog was recommended by one my favorite blogs. Thank u for giving me something to read. I feel the same way as you do. I thought my blog would fail but it’s actually doing okay so far thanks to my readers. Thanks to all of yal’.

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