In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Some days when you are going to watch a movie… you just don’t wanna think. You don’t want your mind to  be played with, nor emotional tense scenes, and you may not be in the mood for edge of the seat anxiety.

No, some days you just wanna sit there and have a good time without any effort.

If you have any days like this, I recommend one of my favorite movies.

Have you seen this movie?

You haven’t?

Well then, we can’t be friends! I refuse!

Until you see it.

I know a lot of people who think this movie is stupid.

I say… Poop on you!

This movie is freaking hilarious … and it supports my theory that guys have all the fun.

Super Troopers is about a handful of state troopers who are put in the uncomfortable position of having to actually enforce the law. Mac, Thorny, Foster, and Rabbit are four Vermont state troopers whose dedication to duty is not exactly an inspiration to law enforcement officers everywhere. Stationed in a small town near the Canadian border, the troopers don’t have much to do, so they while away their hours smoking dope and harassing hapless motorists. Their superior officer, Capt. O’Hagan, likes the boys and they try to keep their more outrageous antics out of his earshot.

These guys are sooooo crazy. The first scene is one of my favorites. The scene zeros in on some local teens getting high as they drive down the highway.

OMG I gotta show it to you!!

Their shenanigans are hilarious!!!

And shenanigans will become your favorite word!!

The story line is the troopers are avid pranksters with an affinity for syrup and they  have a knack for screwing up on the job. But when budget cuts in the town of Spurbury threaten their livelihood and pit them against arch-rival Spurbury P.D., the five friends try to straighten up and fly right. That is, until a dead body is discovered and a possible drug ring is unearthed. The super troopers spring into action attempting to solve the crime, save their jobs, and outdo the local police department.

So this is them trying to be good…Two of the troopers are out on patrol when a car speeds on by.

Here is what happens…. (I apologize for the video quality)

I freaking love this movie…

Love!! I see it every time. And every time I laugh and wish I was a dude!!

Wait… why are you still here?!?!


Go see this movie!!

God damnit!!

And let this be your motto of the day!

“Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes”

Good Day!


Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- Nothing Like Your Favorite Movie" (9)

  1. That first scene was just hilarious! The cop car going backwards was the best!

    I have got to get this movie!

  2. This movie is a classic. Years back my friends and I watched watched it no less than a dozen times every weekend. “I’d like a liter cola.”

  3. From now on, I’m going to watch EVERY movie you recommend!!!

  4. You’re right, this movie is hilarious! It’s actually one of the very few movies that are permanently on my DVR, along with Sherlock Holmes, Pineapple Express & Year One.

  5. If I wasn’t at work right meow, I’d go and watch this movie atright away! Meow I’m going to have to wait until tonight. For meow I’m going to have to get by with some Afghanistanimation…

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