In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Here are some of the best pictures and comments made on Facebook.

We love you crazy Facebookers. Fill free to double to click to see better.


Ha Ha!!

Photo Bomb!!

And that’s why Cadie and Jessica like this!!

He sure knew a lot about that….

More gayness…

You say tomato ... I say .... penis

When the universe isn't really against you

Not quite a perv


Comments on: "Wacky Wednesday- You Crazy Facebook-ers!!" (10)

  1. poor melody! Her drink was stolen by some chick with severe paranoia that the world is out to get her.

  2. One reason I don’t have pictures on FB.

  3. OMG…. “How old are you? My next question depends on your answer ” hey, atleast he’s honest!!

  4. The coffee cup is the best…what a dumbass!

  5. All fricken hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Remind mind to tell you my Starbucks story one time. Hey, BTW, you are being mentioned in my post tomorrow. Thought you may want to know 🙂

    • Hey you gotta tell me tell the Starbucks story ok?
      And I am being mentioned?!?!
      Yay!! It will be the reason I wake up tomorrow as I am currently running outta reasons to wake up for.

  6. Someone should tell that girl in the first one that her shirt is ripped. I don’t think she knows.

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