In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

As most bloggers do, I am constantly checking stats, the traffic coming in, and even the ways people have traveled to get to my blog.

And if you are like me, you cry and rock yourself in a corner asking ….. how….  why???

Who are you people???

 I think I saw a special on you on NatGeo!! And you were on acid!!

Didn’t you know the number one rule when tripping on acid is to not google! Who knows the mayhem that you all cause!??! It’s a serious offense. Much like texting when drunk, you wake up with so much regret and confusion.



For instance, what kinda crazy fucks google “I Hate it When Jesus Rides Dinosaurs”??

How can you even say that?? Never have I seen such blasphemy!! If we were created in God’s image, wouldn’t be sure as fuck to conclude that riding dinosaurs is AWESOME!!

I vote for Jesus in 2012 because he rides dinosaurs!!

Someone googled unicorn tornado.

I really think that was all Thoughtsy.

Yep I can guarentee it!!

So how does that work? Tornados with unicorns flying around??? Or is it unicorns bringing epic disaster wherever they go.

Thoughtsy… any thoughts??

Here is another one that tickled the imaginary pickle.

Zombies in nightgowns.

See, I never been much for night gowns. They just says 1950’s to me or Mormons. To be safe then sorry, and also so as to avoid the zombie fashion police on my ass, I am going to go for something more chic as a zombie.

Billions and Billions Served!!


Comments on: "Google Search Terms for Those on Acid" (9)

  1. I wish google made you fill out a context form of why you are searching…because I want to know why people would google those things haha

  2. LMAO!! Love that McDonald’s Zombie and “Billions and Billions Served!”

    I wish I had unique search terms, but I get great spam comments! These dudes comment out their asses! So between you and me, we have a pretty good time checking out “behind” the scenes of our blogs!

  3. All of my search items seem to be sperm, egg, and pin the donkey terms. I wish I had some of yours, but mainly people are looking for sperm when they search for my blog, and I’m guessing they are quite disappointed when they don’t find it!

  4. mmmmmm. Brain McMuffin….

  5. My day keeps getting better. First, we have a snow day, so no teaching and an automatic 3 day weekend. Then, I read your post…Too funny!

  6. I love your search terms. Did you ever think that they were hoping to see you as a zombie in a nightgown? Food for thought my friend….. food.for.thought.

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