In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Feeling a bit down and out today.

I am hoping for the right electric charge today. That or I can bury myself in food. That helps. Eat til all you feel is full!!

When I get like this, I learn for my days as a being a kid. The wonders of how impressionable I was and a  certain song could put things in perspective or just make me feel completely better.

Music can be a time machine, zapping you back into a place and time that hopefully today will void out the rest of this….. shit.

These guys came last weekend to a club/casino here. I would have loved to see them. They are so awesome, and so 90’s!!

Far Behind- Candlebox

I remember when I saw this video I felt how very pointed it was. The lyrics matched the video perfectly. It was in your face and the words I remember were lingering. And for a very sheltered girl, this was a bit scary. It’s still one of my favorite songs from Jewel.

Who Will Save Your Soul-Jewel

I loved STP as I was growing up. I loved them. Scott’s voice was seductive and the music was so good.

Big Empty-STP

And last but not least…

(FYI I am starting to feel much better now..)

No Doubt with Happy Now

How can you not like No Doubt?!?!

I feel better…. but tacos and some hamburgers would really seal the deal!!

Happy Friday!!

Comments on: "Musical Revolution- Getting Outta the Rut" (3)

  1. Funny how music can change your outlook. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation. I call it magic.

  2. I remember being 13 & listening to Jewel’s ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’ and falling in love. I honestly think I listened to it about a billion times, making my mom hate the song forever haha. No Doubt is one of my all time favorite bands, even to this day. Nice picks 🙂

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