In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Here are a few missed connections that are posted on Craigslist that I hope are jokes. Otherwise, yes Mayan apocalypse, kill us all now!!!




So now I have to make mine!!!

In honor of Pkitass’s last blog and the idea from Shouts From the Abyss, awww what the hell I will post one too.

So here it is:

I was eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant with my crew. You, blonde, beautiful blue eyes came over to table to bring our drinks. You tripped over something. Too bad I ordered coffee cause that shit went all over my legs and now I have third degree burns on my thighs. I walked to the bathroom trying to dry myself off. You followed me. You helped me apply towels. We had a moment. We stared into each other’s eyes for a while. You asked, “I am not going to get a tip am I?”

I said,”Fuck no you clumsy bitch.”

I walked out of the bathroom. I would love to see you again to get to know you  and maybe …. have you cover some of my  medical bills? Come on you owe me!

Our lyric will forever be the description of “us”.

“Like a moth to the flame, burned by the fire;

My love is blind, can you see my desire?

That’s the way love goes.”

Let me know if  its you by telling me how I like my coffee.

Truth is everyone knows I like my coffee like I like my women.






Comments on: "Wacky Wednesday-Missed Connections" (5)

  1. “I stumbled into the emergency room with a gunshot wound. You had a cold and told me to sit the fuck down and wait my turn. I’ll never forget your stringy, greasy brown hair and the ‘women are scum tattoo’ on your forehead. Please call. I lost my leg.”

  2. I think my favorite is the Starbucks line one where the girl he’s interested in let out a rank fart and he seems to think this is love at first … well, at first stank. That is just nasty, but hilarious!

  3. *whispering*

    I’ll met you in the bathroom by the third stall. I’ll bring tea since I know you prefer it over coffee anyways. I’ll apply all the towels and won’t ask you to tip me. This one’s on the house baby cuz “that’s the way love goes”!

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