In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

That was last year….and I totally rocked it out!! Like totally. Sadly I don’t have any tattoos or piercings or scars to commemorate this past year. Fuck I should have thought of that before Sunday!! I could have lit my self on fire or something. I did have a couple of close calls while making pizza!!

I already posted my first and foremost resolution that is  important to me.  I thought, I need more. What’s better than self disappointment on December 31st of 2012!!!

If there is even a December 2012. Finger crossed!!

I read all these resolution list of people who now feel resolutions are so passé.

Fuck you!!

I am uncool and will be uncool til the day I die! I will continue to do resolutions til the die!

Not keeping promises is the American way!

So to begin…. music!!

Resolution 2. I Need More Scars

Scars from the year to show that I am actually doing something. I need to start jumping off buildings, getting dirty, I need a damn neck brace!!

Resolution 3.  I will try to be active everyday even if its one activity.

I am gonna go balls to the wall with this. Yesterday I rode a bike. Today I will jump on the trampoline. Tomorrow I will smash glasses with a practiced high kick. It will be glorious.

Resolution 4. I am going to try to wake up …. (say it, say it Marina!!) earlier.

God, I hate waking up. God I hate waking up early. It’s always in the morning do I wish I was dead!! Cause then I could sleep!!!

But I need to wake up early. Part of my stress is being fucking late everywhere. Seriously, how do you other grown ups do it?

I try going to bed early, but I can’t shut down.  And even if I get proper sleep, I can’t remember why I have to wake up in morning!!

I don’t remember work or getting my daughter to school. I can’t compute. So nothing is important in the morning.

I lost the getting up battle today, but I will try again.

I need a wake up service in my room. I need someone’s annoying voice to bug me at 6:15am in the morning.

What is my mother doing around that time??

Resolution 5.  I am going to drink more. Seriously. I need to drink… and more often. My life is getting faster and faster and stressful… I need to work on my vices and fixes.

I am envious of those who tweet that are a  enjoying a nice vodka and cranberry. I figure that if I can start I might be able to handle the step son when he comes over and STAYS for 17 days straight.

I could have used alcohol the entire holidays!!

Also, if I get drunk periodically throughout the year, I will thus create a resolution for next year on attending AA regularly.I know I will totally score loads of friends there.

Resolution 6. More nudity.

Seriously. I need to make a day outta the month that I can just get naked. Not for sexually purposes but to air creases, to appreciate the nice cotton in my bed sheets and the leather on my couches. I think my husband and I can both agree that finding crumbs on each others’ bodies during sex is  bonus features that you never stop loving.

Sex and a snack!


Also, I plan to read more, work harder, learn something different more often, be more open minded about things.   and a bunch of other crap …. etc etc…

So there you have it… my resolution list!!

Easy enough to make, easy enough to break…. all in the American Spirit!


Comments on: "New Year Resolutions With More Scars, Nudity, and Hopefully making friends at AA!!!" (17)

  1. Love your list! I guess I will be the bad influence and help you along with the “more alcohol” part. I will encourage you to drink more often and more heavily. I might even have to send you some alcohol. As a matter of fact, all this extra drinking may help you with the “more nudity” part of you list. See? I’m a fucking awesome friend! Now, you are gonna have be my bad influence on the “more nudity” part because I could use some of that too. You’ll have to come and show me how it works 🙂

    • Maybe we should skype our naked sessions together… you know… just to make sure we are doing it right!!

      You know what you could do for me…. is write down all your yummy liquor recipes!!!
      I appreciate your support in seeing me through this. With you I can do anything!!
      Wait, there is chocolate on your left boob… I got it!!!

  2. Drinking more is a great New Year’s resolution. I’m in.

  3. Marina, you’re just not a morning person, that’s all. You try, you get kudos for that. Don’t work yourself up over it. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re a “late person”, employers should be happy you arrived at least.

    Don’t drink TOO much, it’ll kill your liver.

    Being naked is a good thing! Strive for more of that, definitely!

    • Yeah. I am not a morning person.
      But I want to try to be…. I am trying to think about that right now.

      Drinking… I never do… so I think if I drink all year long… my liver will survive. I then can find a new hobby for next year. Maybe Mary Jane.

      • LOL!! Good point! With Mary Jane, just don’t get arrested! And don’t do it while driving.

      • True that… that will just be an activity I practice in my home, in my room in the bathroom locked…. laying down in the tub covered by a towel.

  4. Hey I’ll wake you up if you want let see 6:15 for you is 5:15 for me……. yeah sorry thats not going to work for me how about I wake you up when I get up thats 6:30 my time. That she work!!!

    • Well I woulod say yes…. cause that would mean I would sleep til 7:30 but I dont think that would be cool with the boss everyday.
      You know what I am saying?!?!

  5. She is *should
    Don’t point out my dumbness

  6. oneshewolf said:

    You don’t have to tell me twice to get naked. (look at my icon!)

  7. I love your resolutions! Except maybe the waking up early one … I just hate waking up early and even if you pull out my covers from underneath me, pour water on me, I am probably going to just switch sides and keep sleeping. And I totally need to drink more! It helps so much with stress. I may not get naked, but I will show off more cleavage at least once a week maybe. 😀

  8. No more words like “nudity” in the post titles, please. Work blocks me and then I have to wait to read your posts till I get home. That’s 8 hours too long.

    Dude, scars are hot. Just don’t kill yourself.

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