In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

People have been talking about Tim Tebow a lot especially during his football games. In case you don’t know, Tim Tebow is the quarter back for the Denver Broncos.

Tebow is one hell of a player and he is one handsome guy. I always thought so!!

Well, it’s also known that Tim Tebow is a big Christian boy. He is very public with his beliefs. In fact, every time he has participated in a big play, he automatically points to the sky or gets down on his knees and thanks God.

This “move” is now called “Tebowing.” It’s  an actual word, a new verb that has been added to the English language.

And see none of this wouldn’t matter IF the Broncos weren’t all of a sudden a winning team. Yes winning!!  Tebow has directed his once-floundering teammates to six straight victories! His outward display of his Christian faith, along with his unorthodox playing style, have made him the most controversial and polarizing player in the National Football League.

Tebow, who has been dubbed the “Mile High Messiah’’ and has given new meaning to quarterbacks “taking a knee,’’ has found himself a humorous target. Broncos jerseys with “JESUS’’ emblazoned above his No. 15 are hot sellers in Denver. Bill Cosby asked residents to “call Tim Tebow and ask him for a great day’’ before the comedian performs there at the end of March. Oakland fans held up “Welcome to Hell’’ signs before the Broncos played there last month.

Tebow’s own pastors are saying that the whole reason his team is winning is because Tim is a devout Christian who recognizes God in his life, lives accordingly, and is a virgin.

A what?!?!?!

A virgin!??!

Are you serious?!?!

No one has tapped that yummy, tight ass!! Why not?

Ohhhhh, he is waiting for marriage??

That is a travesty!! Not the whole waiting for marriage thing… but the fact that no one has been dipped into his sexual chocolate!!!

That is a crime!! Tebowing should have never been invented!! It should have been Teboning!! Or Tebowing should have meant something entirely different! That he ganged bang the hell outta the college groupies!!

It would have been epic!!

Imagine his new touchdown dance will be pelvis thrusts!!

This guy knows what I am talking about

Just saying…. someone needs to get on that.

I totally volunteer.

Alas, now he is this poster child that weak-minded people have latched onto… because he is winning games. It’s an apparent sign! It’s not because he is a bad ass player that he has a defense to be reckoned with.

No, God has chosen Tebow.

And that also means the rest of the teams are screwed!! Especially my Dallas Cowboys. They will never see a super bowl again!!

I can guarantee all my Boys are fornicators, drunkards, gamblers, etc.

God damnit! We are so screwed!!!!

God hates the Cowboys!!!

Jesus hates us Romo.


Comments on: "Tebowing or Teboning: What Happened??" (13)

  1. OMG a virgin!!! I want to hook him up with the virgin chick I know…THAT would be epic!!! (I am totally filming it!)

  2. said:

    Does God really have time for football? What with hating Muslims and gays and all? Fun post, but he shouldn’t get all the credit for their wins. There’s always another guy catching whatever he’s throwing.

    • Exactly!!
      Its dumb that people are basing it solely on Tebow.
      There defense is awesome, he has great receivers and a great coach. Sorry I don’t think God was the cause of this one.

  3. OH MY GOD! QUICK! Someone bring him to Vegas. We’ll call the whole “GIRLS DIRECT TO YOUR ROOM” number off those billboards that drive down the strip.

    Oh wait! I heard you could get herpes just dialing those numbers…… ok so we’ll get a hooker to call the whole “GIRLS DIRECT TO YOUR ROOM” number off those billboards that drive down the strip. Jenn can video, I will take still shots (for publicity purposes, of course), and you can be the director. Done and DONE!

    Lets do this shit people!

  4. Okay first off HELL YEAH thank you for the laugh and second I’m from Denver and a Bronco fan so this was AWESOME! I’ve been Teboning I mean Tebowing the whole time I watch them play LOL

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