In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

It’s true I love me some music. I love it so much I will I could make sweet sweet love to it…. but then I think if I am making love to music what will be listening to while me spank it?

My husband?

Yeah, I guess I haven’t worked that out to much.

I like country peeps…. stop with your boos!! I appreciate the fact that country can be deep, loving, poetic, and even darn right funny.

Here is what I mean…. here is the racist bastard that I still love…

Toby Keith- Red Solo Cup

I mean its about time someone made a thank you song to that plastic song. I am currently working on a tribute song to Scott toliet paper. My ass has never felt so clean.

Here is another one that I just about died laughing at….

Ain’t the truth people…. ain’t the truth!!

Rodney Carrington-If I’m The Only One

But its not all about country music… many artists wanna make a funny too.

Have you heard this one?

I find it so offensive I love it!

Duck Sauce- Big Bad Wolf

So that’s it…. that my episode of today’s hits.

Remember Friday is forever!!!

Comments on: "Musical Revolution- Friday is Forever or until Midnight" (2)

  1. I love Toby Keith! Doesn’t take it too seriously and love his “I’ll do it my way” attitude!

    That Friday video was great!

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