In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

If You Can….

A coworker of mine just came and told me that her daughter had to tell her little one that there was no Santa. The mother has been out of a job for so long she can’t afford to buy presents let alone propane for her trailer.

The very thought of a child on Christmas day without anything just brought me down to tears.

At work, we have an Angel tree and I attempting to see if I can help out two children there.

I was looking through the Noel Operation in the newspaper as they try to raise jackets for the kids in the city. I only have one jacket to donate.

All I ask because I know times are tough… I have four kids of my own… but if you can, look in your newspaper and see who you can help out there. Whether it’s a jacket, a meal, or even a present….


If we did it just once….. it would help.


Comments on: "If You Can…." (5)

  1. oneshewolf said:

    I always do, everyone should.

  2. Love your heart Marina. We have been trying to find ways to donate money and toys etc as well. My daughter is 10 and it is finally hitting her that not everyone has toys at Christmas.

    On a side note…is it snowing on your screen or did I take more meds than i supposed to?

  3. I did this year too, and I’m glad my work had a giving tree for us to help and a food drive for our clients to participate in and us to get in the spirit too.

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