In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Winter; How I loathe you?!?


You know what I was doing at 6am in the mornin?

Scraping damn ice off my Tahoe. I did it with a cigarette box I found on the floor. I mean who keeps cardboard around or anything for scrapping windows?


I was going to turn on my froster  but my door wouldn’t open.

Stupid ice!
I pulled and pulled slipping and sliding and finally that door became unstuck.

I hate you Winter!!!

I know I would die if I moved up north. How do you people up there do it!??! I would need to permanently attach a heater to my ass!

I hate you winter!!

It doesn’t matter what I wear…. I am still freezing.  And even though I live in a dry hot city the majority of the year, once December hits I start to freak out. Frost bite is possible.

And though I know in all my final destinational thoughts, I am not going to freeze to death (my death is going to be in a car accident, I just know it) I sure as hell don’t wanna lose any of my piggies to Frost Bite.

My neighbor!

I can’t feel my toes…. seriously. The heat is at 72 degrees. We need to up it now!!!

It’s effin cold!

Just an update!


Comments on: "Winter; How I loathe you?!?" (7)

  1. Well, for one thing it’s about 55 degrees today. In my parts it doesn’t really snow until January 1st. Any snow we get before that melts the next day.

    It’s the people who live in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. They don’t get a spring until late May sometimes. Or how about those that live in Northern Michigan? South and North Dakota? Minnesota? Those are the winter hearty people!

    I could NEVER live in Alaska!

  2. I’m moving to Alaska just to make sure you never visit me. (insert evil laugh here)

  3. I refuse to start scraping my windows yet. The other day I chose to let my car heat up for about 15 minutes instead.

  4. Yeah, I’m in an area where we get snow, ice, black ice, and it is like the worst! And, even though we are used to snow and the winter people still drive like idiots in the white stuff. I hate it too, bring on spring already!

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