In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

It’s Friday and there is reason to celebrate!

The weekend!!

But not so fast, because its not 5pm yet!

So til then, we still gotta deal with real life and tough situation. Along with that is depressing ass music that makes you wanna off yourself.

Lets Get Started!!!!

Every time I hear this song, I seriously wanna jump into a lake in the Great Lakes. Its that depressing!

Walk With You-Edwin McCain

I heard this song… and I was like what?!?! Is it too late to return my kids?!?!

Truth is this was sister and dad’s song at this wedding. I still can’t listen to it in its entirety.

Fuckin song.

The next song is what I think would play when you finally have entered the mental institution cause you finally have lost your shit.

Mad World-Gary Jules

*Stop staring at the knives Marina!*

The next one I think we all might relate to!

It not only makes me depress but angry. I wanna find this guy that hurt the singer and rough him up!


You think you are happy but you are not!!

Someone Like You-Adele

The next one…. geez when I hear it I break down crying. I could be having a perfect day… then this song just send me to looney ville.

Breathe me-Sia

And finally, if you weren’t clutching to life already, here is another pincher that kills me… everytime!

Nothing Compares to You-Sinead O Connor

Ohhhhh god why?!?!?!

I needed a good cry… just not here at work.

Hold me …. someone.

Well, at least I am ready for a nice cold beer.


Comments on: "Musical Revolution- Depressing Ass Songs That Make Me Wanna Kill Myself" (4)

  1. No Evanescence? “My Immortal” ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye! The lyrics are haunting as well as dismal.

    And “Going Under” is definitely the one you want to play when suicide is on the table. Make sure you have all the windows open, empty room and a long white flowing dress on.

    You know it’s going to be a tear jerker when you hear piano music in the beginning like Adele’s song.

  2. I’m shipping you a case of cold beer and a huge virtual hug…. šŸ™‚

  3. Ok……where ARE those razor blades??

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