In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I love it (LOVE) when people claim to find or see images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary appear in places.  People have said the Virgin Mary has appeared on rock water.In reality, it was more of a water stain in a shape that looked like the Virgin Mary.

Praise the Lord!!!

People see what they wanna see. And quite possibly, what they need to see at a certain time.

Here are some of the most crazy, absurd, and what the fuck places that people have seen our Lord and Savior Edward Collins  Jesus Christ.

Jesus really is everywhere! I didn’t realize how literal that phrase was!!

Someone is Jesus starved!!

Hmmm, really?

Jesus: great for wrinkled pants, shirts, and souls.

Do you see it? I looked at the this thing for an hour. The I saw the face. I freaked out, huddled in a corner and rocked myself and chanted in tongues!

Jesus: The Italian version

Uhhhhhh I don’t see it! Come on people give me a break.

How about a spoonful of Jesus??!?!

Great another reminder that I need to go to church!

I don’t see the Lord, I see the Crow!

Lets see if Jesus can turn this water damage into wine damage!!

Oh my god!! I need to go to church!

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

Wait… no I am good here at the house.

God got another chick pregnant! And the kid is a cross!!!


Comments on: "What the Hell Wednesday- Jesus Style!!" (8)

  1. My absolute favorite is the dog’s ass. Both my dogs have tails like that. Ima hafta checkitout when I get home.

  2. As I was reading this, I looked at the pizza I was eating. A face appeared but it was one of the Ninja Turtles, not Jesus.

  3. I did not comment <—- thats mycomment

  4. Did I mention that men have claimed to have seen Jesus when they sleep with me.

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