In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I’m just kidding. About the whole lesbian part.

Or am I????

I was thinking for today’s Wordless Wednesday I show you some ladies that I think are smokin hot. I have done a guy list hundreds of times here and alone at home with nothing on but the tv.

Mental Images! Mental Images!!

These lovely ladies I would definitely switch teams for!!

So here is my list of hotties… vagina style.

(note: There will be no actual vaginas shown here. Come on people, I wanna be Freshly Pressed.)

8. Monica Bellucci

One of the sexiest ladies, this woman can make a trash bag hot!

Can I have a hug Monica? Just a little one.


7. Yes It’s Kim Kardashian Biotch,

Even though, she is a dumbass for getting married for 2 seconds then filing for divorce, you gotta give it to cause baby got back and front y’all.

I don't like you, but I love you.

6. Natalie Portman

Other then the fact that she is hot, looks good bald, and has a filthy mouth. Whoa that is actually quite a list.

Oooo la la


5. Elizabeth Banks

Something about this lady is really hot. I mean really hot. Her roles in movies are always funny and she just seems like a cool hot chick.

4. Anne Hathaway

First off, I have seen this chick naked. And she is just stunning. And hot. Naked and hot.

3. Scarlett Johanssan

Another yummy woman. She is soooo hot and yes a great actress, but that’s not why I watch her movies!!

Wow, she has pretty eyes right????

2. Sofia Vergara

When I see her I wish I could speak Spanish. She makes me wanna learn. Damn you smokin, Sofia!

Ay ay esta bien chingona!!


1. And my number one chick ever in the whole wide world…..

The Day I Fell in love


Yes you can bite me, Megan!

So people release you inner lesbian… who do you love???


Comments on: "And God Said…. Let Her Be a Lesbian." (10)

  1. No Mila Kunis? I think she’s the hottest girl in the world.

  2. Good call on these! I don’t think my list would differ much, I like them with tits and ass too. Tits on a stick don’t do it for me đŸ™‚

  3. Uh…. Hello!
    I would do me!

  4. Good list. Some of these beauties aint much classy none. Which is too bad. It kind of ruins it for me. I really liked Megan Fox until I read and saw her interviews. I need the fantasy that I could talk with them. Weird. I know.

  5. Good list…
    a few from the old school (I’m not saying they are old…just not as recent):
    Meredith Salenger
    Daphnie Zuniga
    Elizabeth Shue
    Barbara Hershey (pre-surgery)
    Anne Archer

  6. Ok, check this chick out: Amber Heard! She’s smokin’ hot and is bi!!!

    Scarlett Johannsson? Eh, sort of.

    I can’t stand Kardashian!

  7. I heard Anne Hathaway was naked in that new movie. I’m blanking on the name. I heard she was naked A LOT.

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