In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

So, I am here at work and I totally forgot that I was committed to this committee thing of Community Service and getting our company involved.

How can I say this?

Pompous pricks!

Well not all of them, just the majority of them.

Ok so through this group we have organized a can food drive that went off successful. We now in the promise of having a Christmas tree filled with names of children and their mothers from a local shelter. And also tomorrow, we plan to have our Thanksgiving feast and we are hosting soldiers lunch tomorrow.

So yes this little group of five has pulled some shit out of their ass, yet the shit that comes outta their mouths during these meetings makes me wanna yell and throw over the table.

I suggested for next yea we should do a walk for the cure thing, as a company. Then the Vice President was all like well its sad because I heard that some of the profit goes to places that are pro abortion.

And everyone was like yea… we can’t do that.

OMG you fucking …… Just because you all are god damn republican Christian slaves

First off, are you serious??  Is that based on here say??  So you are telling me that charity solely known for raising money for cancer patients also funds abortion clinics or planned parent hoods?

For the record, I am pro-choice. Thats just my thinking. Doesn’t mean I would have an abortion my self but I feel its in a woman’s right to choose. However, I am throwing my satanic views on them. No!!!

Then my VP suggested that we give awards on people who gave the most to the community or others in the company.  This is attempt to get more people eager to win an award so they will do their utmost to be more giving.

Does anyone think this a bit stupid? For lack a better word, I  feel that this competition just seems to be fixed to me. Who is gonna win??? Everyone that has money in the company. Let me just say that I could give a rat’s ass if I win, but its a given if you have money you can give the most. You can spend the most.

One sales girl was all, “Maybe we should a put a limit on how much we spend on the gift tree for the kids and their moms. I don’t wanna embarrass anyone with my gifts.”

Are you kidding me????

We don’t even know what these kids are gonna ask for! You gonna buy them a Xbox?!?!?

Like my VP went on the say the canned food drive was due to end and purchased $100 worth of food and ultimately his side won the canned food drive.

I just wanna beat people with a thorny stick today.

I mean the spirit of giving is here… but in a very assholery kind of way!


Comments on: "What’s the Deal- The Spirit of Looking Better than Everyone Else" (11)

  1. Oh yeah, I am ALL over this bullshit! I am with you! It is crap, it is half-assed politically correct with the “don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings” and total bullshit with the “I gave amount X so my team wins and we didn’t have to support killing babies either!” And for the record, the biggest money makers I know are some of the most selfish assholes I have ever met. It is truly disgusting. With that said I donated money again this morning while I was shopping for a gift for recent immigrant from Vietnam who is having a baby. They also have a job and work hard to have the little they do so far in this country. Just doing my part with what I have to give!

  2. What is the purpose of charity? It seems like for some people, the purpose of charity is strictly to let everyone know how charitible they are. Assholes.
    And bravo for the pro-choice shout-out. I was an abortion clinic manager for 6 years. Yay for our side.

  3. Why don’t you sponsor one of the families at the shelter? What my hometown in NJ does is sends “wish lists” to the families that wish to be sponsored (the clients of Social Services). Excluding the adults, they put down what the kids wish for as well as their sizes. Then the sponsoring family purchases what ever items they can afford or wish to purchase for the family. The gifts are wrapped and labeled “Girl 7” or “Boy 9” (depending on the gender and age-no names are given) and the family comes and picks their gifts up at a designated location.

    What you can do is pool your money together starting maybe in July or something ($2 or so a month or whatever amount you can spare) and then each one of the employees is given a child to shop for. You can purchase one or two gifts if you want out of the pool of money or go beyond and purchase more on your own for the family. I’ve seen some people purchase items for the parents as well even though it’s not necessary.

    It’s nice that your office wants to do something for the underprivileged. Just a suggestion.

  4. I think that it is absolutely so dumb that they would give out awards for people giving the most… it should just be in your heart that you want to do it. We are having a can food drive at my work, plus a giving tree too that was for one family, and then the one family was all done so we adopted another.

    I personally picked up a tree and got something for one of the families. We aren’t having a competition, it’s just up there for someone to take and to give to the family if you want to. And there shouldn’t be a limit, just give as much as you can for them and I think that they would appreciate it.

    I’m also pro-choice too, I always think that it should be the woman’s right. I think that religion should be left out of the whole thing.

  5. Ashley Lopez said:

    Assholery…I like that word!!!!!

  6. Can you put down my name and give it to the sales girl that doesn’t want to embarrass anyone I’d like a Kinect, thanks.

  7. Some people just don’t know what pro-choice means…. they think pro-choice women are always ready to abort babies, out of whim. I’ll never abort a baby, and that’s my choice…….. but I won’t take away a woman’s right to choose otherwise. I guess I’m off topic? LOL

    Cheers !

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