In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Lets  get cracking on this wonderful day of  Musical Reflection….

First off lets take a moment to remember what a great day today is.

The sun came out,

for the most part my loved ones are healthy,

and all my needs for today have been or will be met,

…. it’s just a good day.

So… where were we?

Oh yea… music!!!

My favorite song as of today is Midnight City by M83. Until this song I had no idea who these  guys were. I still don’t but after listening to much more of their music, I am hooked!!

If you think you have heard this song, you probably have. It comes out on one of the new Victoria’s Secret commercial. Yeah, I don’t know how I paid attention to the song when there were so many breasts to look out.

Oh Victoria!!

Next, I really like this song. Its kinda scary to me.

They- Jem

I just discovered this next song. I have to say I love the music video just as much as I love the song!

And again as American Horror Story fan, the music they use is great and perfect for the show. It’s also right up my alley.

Here is Widowspeak with Harsh Realm

Hope you like today’s edition.

Have a great weekend….



Comments on: "Musical Revolution: What’s Making My Head Bounce" (6)

  1. 13 is soooooooooo excited about Breaking Dawn. Not “camped out in front of the theater” excited, or “have been talking about nothing else” excited, but “team Jacob can’t wait to see it” excited. I’m not as big of a Twilight Fan as she is, but the movies are good.

    Great music choices. Can I move you to Vegas now?

  2. I feel so left out of the Twilight party. I’m gonna have to cave pretty soon and read the books.

  3. I saw the new Twilight movie last night at midnight. It was really good. Bella was lookin’ some kinda fucked up there for a bit in it. All in all, really good.

  4. I don’t know if I ever noticed your first song because I was oogling at the Victoria Secret’s commercial too. I do find it neat how they have like superpower kids in the music video, though they are kind of creepy and I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with them.

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