In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Why the hell do I even call it Wordless Wednesday?? I still put words in it! Always!!!

I just cannot stay quiet!!!

Mother of God!!

One of the most popular things going on is the Occupy something or something … I really have no idea. What I know or have been informed is that there are a bunch people “occupying” or bumming around city halls or other public places protesting that there is no work for their educated ass or soon to be educated ass. They are the 1% which I thought would be good because milk that is 1% is the next best thing. That and they are pissed at the rich.


I have also been told this Occupy Things thing is basically just a bunch of people who got out of college and want to vice president 100k paying job and feel they should not start at the bottom of a company or business and work their way up.


Well that’s just silly. We need people to start at the bottom! I need someone to flip my burgers and get those fries the right kind of crispy!

Truth I have no idea whats going on. So its time to get out their and do journalism…. MarinaSleeps style!!

Thank you for doing the work for me!!

I think the only question that remains is….. did that guy ever get his cake????


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday-Occupy This!!" (10)

  1. Love the cake sign. That’s some deep, profound stuff right there πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t get the whole occupy wall street either and what’s going on with it. I know there are a lot of people on the street… carrying signs… because they are pissed off at the high corporate people. I don’t know much else besides that, and I’m not sure if cake is in the budget for that one person with the sign. They should be handing out cake though to calm down the mob.

  3. The one about the 99 problems and the librarian were my favorite!

  4. Ha ha ha ha! πŸ˜€
    I have to do a chihuahua sign for my doggies.
    I was also wondering if the guy got his cake.

  5. You should change it to Wacky Wednesday or Wacky Wednesday or Wombat Wednesday. I have a couple other W words too if you’d like more.

  6. This is such bullshit. I don’t know where the idea that rich people don’t pay taxes came from. My hubs is a CPA and his richest clients paid almost one million dollars in taxes last year. ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

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