In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Sorry but this post may lack the superiority it usually gives off. The reason for this lackluster and non thrilling post is because nothing happened.


Unless you wanna know what I did this weekend. I watched movies… endless movies.

I am trying to remember what happened Friday. I can’t. All I know is what we ate which was KFC.

I was mighty angry that day. I got the 16 piece original chicken with four sides. How I got only two pieces I will never know!!! It still angers me .. how did I only get two pieces if there was 16!!


Bah!!  I feel like I am in a family of ravenous wolves!! And again, if they all become zombies in the zombie apocalypse that is sure to happen, I know I am toast.  I am kinda scared what my two-year old little boy would look like as a zombie. I might fall under his spell like I usually do.

I mean who can resist this face. This wonderful cute face who gives me kisses, calls me mommy, and hugs me hard!!

And then you see this ….

I think I still love me!! Bite me Ryan!! Let me join you in the undead!!! Who else will get you glasses of tea?!? Or cut your corn dogs in small bite size parts so you don’t choke?! No one!! You need me … even in hell!!!!

On Friday, I was cruising the tv looking for something when I saw the movie 10,00 B.C.E. Have you heard of it?

   I had never seen it before. I remember when it came out a few years ago and I had actually wanted to see it.  It looks cool. Man in the beginning mingling with saber tooth tigers and wooly mammoths. It sounds exciting.

Oh my god it wasn’t. It was alright but I just can’t get over the fact that I wasted a good hour and half of my life!! Obviously, the  scenes were pretty bad. The acting was crap.. but the worse thing? The worse thing was the script. OMG who wrote that script! They need to be shot!!

These “cavemen” were using catchphrases as if … as if I was watching Die Hard or Lethal Weapon!!! What the fuck!!

For instance there is this one scene where the main character, D’Leh, is requesting more tribes to come to war with him to bring the stolen people of their villages. The tribal leader confronts D’Leh and remarks how can he be the leader in this war for he is just a boy.

D’Leh answers, “I am older than I look. ”  Ummmmmm, do you honestly think a caveman would answer like that?!? There were many more like that seriously wanted to make me commit suicide!!

What also angered me was, D’Leh was the “chosen one” through prophecy who would lead his people all because the saber tooth would fear him.

How many scenes with the Saber Tooth you ask? Two! Two!! And not in the end where it would count! Like the Saber Tooth saving him or protecting him. What the hell was I watching!?! I needed Pauly Shore from Encino Man to bust out in the scene and save this movie!!!

So that was my weekend.

How was yours??


Comments on: "I Got Nothing… I Really Don’t." (11)

  1. I made dinner for my friend for her birthday. Watch 1/2 of a Harry Potter movie, then an entire Harry Potter movie.
    That’s it.
    You have me beat.

  2. I won’t list my weekend here, you will likely either need a nap reading it or have me committed for insanity, either way coming to work today was a break but you did just remind me why I tend to NOT watch any movies…10,000 B.C. enough said 🙂

  3. I need a bucket of KFC! I really do!

  4. For my weekend I went to the mall with the man and endured hoards of people trying to run over me like human roadkill from all sides and directions. And your little boy is just sooo adorable, I’d even let him turn me into a zombie any day with a cute face like that!

  5. What’s a weekend?

  6. People get weekends? WTF? Where do I sign up? I still love Ryan anyways…. you know… even with the whole zombie thing he’s got going on. I never saw 10,000 BC and now I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks so much for saving me 🙂
    I miss KFC!!!! I had to give it up because of the whole gluten issue. The kids say they like my fried chicken better anyways but I miss eating fried chicken that I didn’t have to slave over. Ugh.

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