In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

If you are like me…. you are working hard for your money working in some form or another … am I right?

So some of us come here to rest…

Don’t judge.

If you are like me… you wanna make the best out of the situation.

I wish I could show you proof of the pranks I have pulled. I am an idiot and I never took pictures…


Recently, we set up a realistic mouse and spider and scared the shit out of anyone coming to our side of the building.  There is also a guy that hoards his root beer. You can offer him money, and he still won’t share. So I decorated all root beer can in Budweiser labels. I was able to drink them for two weeks before he realized that they were actually his root beer.

There is this annoying Red Sox fan who has his entire cube decorated in Red Sox stuff took a month to realize that we tampered with his stuff. Like putting mustaches on his posters and a dead cockroach in his mini model of the Pen Way park.

The root beer guy gets a lot of shit from me…. he has special place in my heart I guess.  His window was smashed in by some high winds…. over a seven months ago!

And he has yet to fix it!!

So I decorated it for him.

Hey …. there is some down time.

And I am glad I am not the only one who is in the mood for shenanigans.

Comments on: "Just a Reminder that Work is for Shenanigans" (15)

  1. Love it! The best prank we pulled- I work at a newspaper and we newspapered a cubicle. and not just a little bit. like an all-nighter, delirious, every pencil was individually wrapped kind of newspapering. and then we left a newspaper trail to the sports director’s office so we could have a scapegoat. we had newspaper streamers coming down from the ceiling. it was complex. and very, very sad, in retrospect.
    another one- our old boss, when he left, at his going away part he made (not kidding) masks of his face- with photos and popsicle sticks. sometimes, for fun, i photocopy the mask and paper people’s cubicles with this scary face that stares at them with dead eyes. i like to put it in drawers so that when people open the drawers, they get a ghostly face. oh. and windows and mirrors.
    love the passive aggressive notes.

  2. I love the one listing the things the Food Thief has stolen!

  3. Haha. Looks like a fun place to work. You’ve officially just motivated me to work less and f$#@ around some more .

  4. I miss working in an office!

  5. Love it!!

    Although I wish I would’ve read that sign before trying to “fix” my stapler. RIP stapler…. RIP.

  6. oneshewolf said:

    The signs, omg! I don’t work in an office like that so I have no idea what is it like for some people and the things that go on 🙂

  7. I do miss the workplace. What is a Red Sox fan doing in Texas?

  8. I love this! This is such a hilarious post and I love that the root beer guy has a nice little smiley face for his window that you drew. Our pranks we pull are pretty run-of-the-mill. In the spa we like to creep up on each other to scare each other. The estheticians have this running gag of hiding next to the table and grabbing one of the girl’s legs when they aren’t looking. I’m planning to take out all of the blankets and leap out of the closet one of these days.

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