In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Wait wait, I know how this might seem. Zombie bandwagon?? You mean to tell us Marina, you don’t like zombies??

On the contrary my dear Watsons, I love zombies. Zombies are sooooo bad ass. Slow but super bad ass. And I have seen every movie about zombies.

28 Days Later,Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, All Resident Evils, the Crazies, etc etc etc.  Zombies in movies are awesome! So when a show came out that would feature zombies weekly, I flaked. Actually I missed the damn boat.


Before I realized this show existed, I had already missed the entire season. I of course am talking about one of the greatest show on earth…. The Walking Dead.

So I welcome myself to the bandwagon. Where are the party favors yo???

Anyways so I sat down and watched the first two episodes of Walking Dead  last night via Netflix. Instantly, after the first five minutes I was hooked!!! Where have you been all my life?!!??!!

People seriously…. this is the greatest show ever and you need to head over to AMC and watch it!!

Of course, it begins with a sheriff and his deputy talking and then rushing to high-speed chase. Once there, the sheriff gets badly wounded and taken to a hospital.  Obviously, he has been unconscious for some time because while he sleeps an epidemic occurs. When he wakes up, he is grossly thin and dehydrated and realizes that he is the only one in the hospital. It has been abandoned.

So he starts exploring and finds blood, bullet holes in the walls, and finally hundreds of dead bodies. And it is just eerily quiet and deserted. He walks all the way into town in his hospital nightgown. He has his first encounter with a …… half eaten zombie.

If you are anything like me, you would have yelled What the Fuuuuuuhhhhhhh?


So anyways the Sheriff makes it to his home to find neither his wife or child there. He also runs into a father and son who take him into their “home” and educate him in the new ways of the city. Zombies and such…. stay with people. Its much more exciting if you just watch it!!

He hears of a refuge from the father and believes that is where his wife and son are. So he goes to the police station and loads up ammo and heads off to find that refuge area.

He tries to radio out and see if anyone can hear him. Some where there is a small group of people who hear him over the CB radio. In the group resides his  deputy and you find out later his wife and son.


So the sheriff  finds a home where  the people have shot themselves … the scene is gripping.

So he takes the horse and makes it into the city. He seriously looks all cool wearing his sheriff get up and riding a horse.  Pretty hot if you ask me.

Back to the little group of survivors that tried to contact the sheriff over the CB.

His deputy is doing his wife!


Or as Al Pacino would say it in the Scent of a Woman, ” Whoooaaaaaaa!”

Hopefully that is right. I wasn’t paying too much attention to Al if you know what I mean!! Hee hee hee.

Once the deputy gets into the city, it’s very quiet. Completely deserted until he runs into thousands of zombies!!!

He falls off his horse and the zombies begin eating his horse. Poor horse. I almost cried.

Seriously… I had already named it. I called it Poky…

What?!? I would not have named it if I knew it was gonna die in the next scene!!!!

So there are hoards and hoards of zombies and he has to escape into a tank.

That was episode one. It was so intense!! I loved it.

I am gonna watch episode three tonight.

I am a little torn on who is hotter.

You have the sheriff who is all good guy and hero hot.

Then there is the deputy who is rough and strong…. and its obvious he has a good body.


This show also made me realize that I am not prepared.

Sure we have guns… but we need to stash shit loads of ammo in the house. And maybe just “in case” I should make a trip to Home Depot and by some wood to board up the windows and sliding doors.  Seriously! Having wood around can never be a bad thing!!!

It’s just a reminder to prepare for the day…. the day where we get really sick and start becoming zombies.

I plan to survive. There needs to be at least one hot girl in Earth’s next scene!! I am going to start lifting weights!!


Comments on: "Thursday Show Review- I Finally Jumped on the Zombie Bandwagon" (10)

  1. Welcome to the zombie wagon! I’m glad you’ll be prepared. I don’t want to see a zombie Marina when the apocalypse comes.

  2. oneshewolf said:

    1. I will take the Sheriff.
    2. Wood is always good…so many uses…like how the Deputy gave some to the wife of the Sheriff…oh wait…that’s not the example you were looking for.
    3. I am not a zombie fan but I’ll try anything once so I might turn on AMC to check it out!

  3. Zombies freak me out and every time I’ve seen a Zombie movie I’ve had nightmares. Though, me and my mom even saw Zombieland together and that was her first introduction to zombies and she had no clue what they were and what they did. I’d need some benedryl to go to sleep after I watched something like that!

  4. I would have cried at the horse being eaten. I know it’s just a movie, but I’m a mush that way.

  5. We love this show and all of us watch it every week together (we are watching season 2 as it airs). Except for 16, of course, who is too chicken. (Fear of zombies).

    Did you know that the CDC has a Zombie Apocalypse team assembled? It’s true!

    Okay…. can you hold me now and tell me everything will be okay?

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