In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

If I Had a Nickel for Every Time I Said….

  • Dude

“Come on dude! Move your damn car. Damnit dude!!”

  • Like

“Yeah he totally was like they made a secret stash of cans. He mentioned our secret pact.”

  • Totally

“Dude, totally!”

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(self explanatory)

  • No Prob

“Thanks for getting all these deliverable packages ready as quickly as you did, Marina. ”

“No prob.”

  • My legs don’t go that way

“Babe, my legs don’t go that way. Seriously babe they don’t bend like that. Ahhhh babe, I ain’t flexible. If you wanted flexible you should have married a

ow ow ow ow Babe!!! That hurt. Now I am gonna be sore tomorrow. Man, my thighs feel all weird!!!


I would be filthy rich! Yep dirty rich!!!

Sighhhhh, I need some nickels.


Comments on: "If I Had a Nickel for Every Time I Said…." (4)

  1. Dude, I like totally could have written this same post.

  2. “No prob” is totally one of my favorite things to say too. If only we could get paid for the things we kept on saying, we’d all we rich!

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