In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

We are the right near the eve of Halloween and what is every one doing? Well, watching scary movies and shows of course. I have been in such a mood as well. Do I pay for it?


I saw my new favorite show American Horror Story was on last night and as always it was awesome! So awesome, I continued to freak out through the night. I can’t begin to tell you how scared I was.

I also thought I kept seeing this roaming my hall way in my house.

I might be getting warped mind, but I ain’t complaining.

So in with this whole scary theme I was recommended a movie I had never seen or heard of.

Yes. I saw this old move from the early 90’s.

With weird ass characters like

The Psycho Mom

Blood thirsty Dad


Severely sheltered daughter


The guy with no tongue living in the walls of the house


The Surprise Ending


So the way the story goes, there  is a boy nicknamed Fool and his family that live in the ghetto. His mother is very sick and they find out there are going to be evicted the next day because they don’t have the money to pay the rent.

So the boy helps his sister’s boyfriend rob the house of their money grabbing landlords who in reality are cruel and don’t care about anything except money. They plan to steal a prized coin collection rumored to be in their home. Once they are inside the house, they realize that they have become trapped inside the large suburban house. However, really, the house is a cross between that of the Adams Family and Fort Knox. The burglars manage to get in but now they cannot get out.

The owners, who are weird couple that we find out are actually brother and sister, but live as a married couple come home. They and their killer dog manage to kill the burglars except Fool.  Running for his life this house with trap doors and secret passages, he bumps into the landlords’ daughter, Alice, a young abused girl full of nothing but scars and fear. Fool feels sympathy towards Alice and persuades her to escape with him. Fool then finds out that the evil and sadistic landlords are not a married couple but brother and sister who kidnap young boys and keep them locked up in the cellar.

These kids in the cellar are abused with their tongues cut off, or limbs, or different punishments. Even the “mom” and “dad” are afraid of these creatures that live under the stairs.

For the longest time, you hear the moans and sounds but it isn’t until you see the boys kept hidden. They are really freaky!!

The movie was pretty good. It was a bit of a comedy with real good suspense.

I have to say Wes Craven uses the old school style of scares, and this film delivers some real moments. It works well on so many levels too.  It’s basically a great horror-adventure film with lots of action and scares, but it’s also a weird culture-clash drama, a mythic adventure with a princess to be freed and golden treasure at the end, and even a lefty citizens’ rights story. It’s gloriously all over the place. The casts are excellent, especially the boy who played Fool. He held the movie squarely on his small shoulders.

So there you have it.

It was good and scary.



Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- What the f%$# is under the stairs??" (16)

  1. I am sticking with American Horror Story, I freakin’ love it!

  2. The best part of this whole film is the crazy dad in the S&M suit. His loud, nonsensical delivery is incredible.

  3. The surprise ending picture looks like an 80’s rock band almost. What with the hair and clothes and all that. You should totally see “The Orphan”, it’s in subtitles but it is sooo scary with the kid wheezing like darth vader and wearing a homemade creepy scarecrow mask… limping. It’s got a lot of suspense and like a mystery to it too.

    • Oh god a scarecrow!!
      Remember those Goosebumps books and shows. I saw one with a scarecrow a long time ago and now I can never see scarecrows. OMG I am freaking out now. My newest fear are gimp!!!!

  4. I know I’ve seen the movie but for the life of me can’t remember any specific details. It obviously made an impression 🙂

    As for American Horror Story? I’m confused but love it and am addicted!

    • I heart American Horror Story …
      I hope I get to see it next week.
      My cable network is fighting with Fox networks and they say we will lose FX on Tuesday.

  5. I think I have seen this movie..I think.

  6. *Clapping* You are SO good at this!!!
    I would never see a movie like this. I don’t like being frightened and I know I shouldn’t be because it’s JUST A MOVIE. But my pea sized brain can’t wrap itself around that concept so it goes into anxiety mode. Then I can’t sit still for about 5 hours. This is one reason why I can’t go to a moive theater. I get hyper and have to get up and move around and come back. That would be rude to the other movie goers.

    Do another one next week!!!!

  7. “It was a bit of a comedy with real good suspense.”
    This might be my favorite sentence, ever.

  8. Haven’t seen this movie since I was a youngin’, now I might have to go out and rent it again. It’s a great scary one. I am recording “American Horror Story” but have yet to see one episode, can’t wait though.

  9. People Under the Stairs was the first horror movie I ever watched. I’ve seen it a million times. I love it.

    I watched it once while I was sick and my grandmother was home with me. She was like, “Are you allowed to watch this?” Yes, of course, Grandma.

    Then when the girl gets blood all over her dress and the lady throws her in the hot bathtub, my grandma said, “Why is she doing that? Doesn’t she know hot water will set the stain?” It’s just a movie, Grandma.

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