In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Things I Wish I Could Say to People But Can’t

  1. Stop being so bitchy about everything!
  2. It’s just a joke dumb ass.
  3. What the fuck it wrong with you?!?!
  4. Dude, just chill out!
  5. Don’t hate on people!!
  6. Get off your ass and help me!!
  7. You are such a dick!
  8. You are my best friend!!
  9. Why do I gotta do everything??
  10. Help!
  11. God doesn’t have to be the answer to everything. He did give you a brain!
  12. Stop preaching to me! I am totally fine with going to hell!
  13. I miss you.
  14. Dude seriously, are you gay?
  15. I just want you to hug me. Can you do that?
  16. You like her better than me. Why don’ t you just say it?!?!
  17. Why the fuck are you hating on celebrities?? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard!!
  18. Don’t poison my kids with your crappy ideas of religion!!
  19. I need a break!!!
  20. I say, “I love you so much.” But what I really mean is I love you so much. I can’t picture life without you. I didn’t appreciate life until I saw your face. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have found this peace I have now. You can never understand how much its a blessing to know you.

Comments on: "Things I Wish I Could Say to People But Can’t" (20)

  1. SO, what’s holding you back?

    • Many things:
      1. I won’t be a nice girl anymore.
      2. I am not a bitch, why start now?
      3. I don’t want anyone to hate me.
      4. Just sometimes words don’t truly express what feels like in here.
      5. If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say it all right?

  2. I also want to say all those things to you.

  3. I ‘m not sure I can say all of the above, but, I feel I can,,,, oh, except # 18.

    Cheers !

  4. Great post! I have either said those things ( and dealt with the consequences ) or have wanted too but held back.

    BTW – did you realize that your blog views are now over 100,000? You didn’t even throw a party…… or maybe I wasn’t invited……. (insert sad face)

    *walks away*

  5. 21. Stop having babies.

    Hahah… good post. Funny.

  6. Just loved this post, #16 is what I feel at work a lot when they are doing the favoritism thing. And #20 is what I mean to say, but can’t quite get it out. I feel like lots of time people who don’t have anything nice to say say everything crappy that they possibly can.

  7. #19 “I need a break” – are we allowed to even think that?

  8. I always find myself saying chill out on a daily basis. As for the other Moms let them judge they are just jealous they are not as fun as you!

  9. I know #20 was for me
    Message received loud and clear 😉

  10. I was going to list all the ones I liked but then I realized I would be retyping your entire post.
    Amen girlfriend.

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