In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Things I Hate….

I didn’t have time to watch a movie because I

  • ate a big dinner
  • twittered
  • played words with friends
  • took Roly Furie Poly outside to shit
  • cleaned up (not really)
  • watched the new Jenny Marbles video
  • took a nap
  • cleaned again (kinda)
  • did homework with Savannah
  • took Roly Furie Poly outside to shit
  • saw American Horror Story episode 3
  • freak out for the rest of the night (the whole night!!)
  • sleep with a machete

So alas because I was so busy I didn’t have time to watch a movie… fuck!!

So today I will bless you with

Things I Hate

  • big fucking spiders
  • Dr Pepper
  • lesbians that don’t hit on me. What the hell is wrong with me?
  • losing in Words for Friends 50 million times
  • sneezing so hard it hurts
  • stapling my fingers for the 11th time
  • my mother. Ok I don’t hate her but she annoys me.
  • When I ask something and my dumbass co-workers asks, “Well what would Jesus do?”
  • when something plastic is left on my hot flat iron and burn the shit out of it and not notice and then it gets  all over my hair
  • K-Ci & Jo Jo
  • Beyonce except when she was in Destiny’s child
  • Grenade and Lazy Day song… are you serious people?!?!?
  • When people burn popcorn
  • Detroit. What the fuck is wrong with the people in that city?
  • Nebraska. Stupid corn!
  • that work has a no dancing policy
  • that all the Repo shows are reenactments. BS I tell you!!
  • when you’re taking a shit in a public bathroom, and there are six empty stalls, and someone comes in and takes the stall right next to you. Whichever presidential candidate makes that illegal, gets my vote.
  • when you can’t tell if someone if a man or a female. Stop confusing the fucking world
  • when you can’t tell is pregnant or not. Please wear a sign!
  • People at Walmart who exit through the enter and vice versa
  • Will Smith’s music career
  • that people don’t love the Spice Girls like I do
  • the fact that there are no more Spice Girls
  • that I always stuck with J and L as my last letters on Words with Friends.
  • that Words with Friends is racist!!!
  • the stuff that bicyclists wear… you nut huggers
  • when people don’t laugh at my jokes


Now laugh!!!


Comments on: "Things I Hate…." (22)

  1. Spandex Marina, it’s called Spandex that the nut huggers wear. Douches that they are!

    How can you hate on Dr. Pepper!?

    I don’t hate Beyonce, I hate the new Fiat 500 commercial she’s in. Yeah, like she drives a Fiat 500. More like Fiat GAVE her the 500 and she’s forced to drive it….around Detroit. Boo Hoo. Tear.

    I hear ya on the bathroom stall rant! Really, WTF?

  2. I get SUCH a complex when lesbians don’t hit on me… I thought it was only me! The taking a shit in the bathroom and someone enters and takes the stall next to you is another one too. I feel like I just sit there waiting, holding my breath, until they get the hell out of there!

  3. Why the hell DO people sit in the trap next to you when you’re doing the do?! Move along stranger, moooove along.

  4. oneshewolf said:

    I don’t even know where to begin on this. I hate many of the same things. I am on the Words With Friends bandwagon b/c we all know I am not a bandwagon girl. I want to go OUT and be in the same room with my friends and no technology involved. Trivia night or game night, real bonding. I am totally old school but fuck it, I don’t care!

    I am always completely offended if I can’t score with a chick in some way. I may have a complex as a result. It doesn’t happen much but it might actually bother me more then rejection by a guy.

    I have issues, I am okay with that 😉

    Carry on with your hater-self, I like this post!!!!

    P.S. American Horror Story is like my new lover, I can’t get enough!!!!!

  5. oneshewolf said:

    P.S.S. That should say NOT on the Words With Friends bandwagon. My typing is shit this week, good thing I have not blogged!

  6. I’m laughing, I’m laughing! Jeez take it easy! 🙂 But seriously, what IS wrong with Detroit? Have you watched the pawn shop show from there? Yeah it has convinced me to never go there.

  7. You want me to let you win?
    Will that make you happy?

  8. “Alllllll my life, I’ve been looking for….”
    “…when a couple guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood….”

    Damn it. Look what you did. Those songs better not be in my head all weekend.

  9. YOU DON’T LIKE DR. PEPPER?!?!?!?!
    Marina, that’s unamerican. Or at least untexan.

  10. We totally already covered the Dr Pepper issue. We’re good now.

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