In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I am definitely behind the times because I just barely saw the third installment of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Of course it was awesome!!! Howe can you not like Transformers?!!? It seriously is one of the best movies made.

I really wish I was alive to watch the actual cartoon!! Transformers are so badass and this third installment was the absolute best!

Man I wish Transformers were real!! How cool would life be?!?

I call dibs on Bumblebee!!! He is so cute!!

Who's the most cutest little alien ... thats right, thats right... you!

Shia Lebeouf is such a good actor… and do I dare say that he is kinda hot??

Yes, yes he is hot. As long as I don’t picture him and hair in the movie …. Holes.

Oh God no! Make it Stop! Make it Stop!

I seriously love the series. It’s a good story, the action is great, the CGI effects are bad ass, and it promises you a great time and delivers!

Ka-ching! Am I right?

There isn’t anything bad to say about this movie except one…

the chick in this last Transformers!

Do people honestly think she can take the place of Megan Fox?!

I am sorry but I don’t. Sure she is hot… and I guess movies need the eye candy… but I hated the whole damsel in distress act when before we had an actress that knew how to play hard and was more like a sidekick then an obstacle!

Megan Fox was a bad ass and actually did something. This new chick acted like a chick! Screaming and getting captured by the villans.

Impale her, Decepticons!

Megan Fox got dirty, knew how to drive a car, and never never left her Sam! She loved the Autobots too!

And she did it all while still looking so hot!!!

The new chick, Rosie Huntington, did nothing!

Absolutely nothing! I could have done her job! Sure I don’t have the boobs for the job, but I got some booty. Put me in a tight white dress and tell me that I don’t look angelic and innocent! I can totally run around screaming like a little bitch. Hell  my 4-year-old daughter can too!

That was my only disappointment.

I just realized that I have a weird allegiance to someone I have never met!



Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- Put (the right) Girl In It" (4)

  1. I’m even further behind the times because I haven’t seen any of the Transformers movies, but I did love the cartoon as a kid. And I’m with you in the Megan Fox camp.

  2. Too bad Megan got her attitude on. I agree, I don’t think Rosie was that rosie.
    My kids are older and they still like Transformers. Then again, they still like Ninja Turtles and the first gen. Power Rangers. They will never grow up.

    • OK I was totally into all those things too.
      But not now… time have changed. Its time to get into things like Real Housewives and the Bachelor.Real stuff like that.
      Ha ha I kid!

  3. This is the man and I’s guilty pleasure and he totally got me into the Transformers series. I never saw it before him and we did a whole marathon of it and saw the last one in the theaters. Gotta agree with you, the new chick just doesn’t do anything for me. She was pretty much useless!

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