In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Here I am busting my ass on another day at work. And what sucks so much is that it’s Friday… its like the weekend is within my grasp! I just need to reeeeaachhhhhhhhhhhh for it. I still sadly had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, drive the mother fucker of a commute to get here, and plop down at my desk for the exact same thing over and over and over every fucking day.

It’s enough to make you wanna blow your brains out.

The only thing that gets me through the day without splattering my brains is my lengthy library of music on my iPod.

God Bless you iPod!!

Wait God is not in my corner… Bless you Apple!

However, once I read this blog from WHOA

I knew I had to create one too!

Crystalized- The XX I need this song to make it through the day. It does what a cigarette does. Calms me down. Yep it’s that good. Working here … sometimes you need to take the edge off some how.

Abuse Me-Silverchair  I am a dumb ass. I take the jerk comments my boss makes like a fucking saint.  I must love the abuse cause I don’t leave. Seriously… sarcastic mother fucker award goes too…..

Everyday is Exactly the Same-Nine Inch Nails    Yes my soul is slowing dying behind this desk. It starts right at 8:05 am. As soon as I see the same person from yesterday ask, “How are you?” Are you fucking kidding me?!??! Nothing changed in the past 24 hours!

Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger  Its kinda childish but I swear to effin God that I start to get sick at work. I mean I am not sick but all of sudden I will feel not well. ” Damn where did that shocking pain come from??? Is that a heart attack or am I have an aneurism? I feel the blood vessels pop as we speak!!!!!”

Fuck You-Lily Allen Despite the title this is an awesome little diddy. This is for all the annoying women here. I just wanna come in here and do my job. Thats it. I don’t wanna join any of your committees or your prayer groups or lunch social groups. I just wanna hang solo.

I Get It-Chevelle  There is one person here that everyone worships. Everyone! Including my boss. Seriously… its cold in their shadow. Oh so damn cold!

Jumper-Third Eye Blind– Many a day do I spend talking out the awesome employees from jumping ship and leaving me here!

Kiss Off-Violent Femmes My boss gave me a project (an impossible one) to do in four days! I had to compile three years of material for a customer. It was no easy task and I did it. When he went to present it, he came back the next day and said he didn’t need it anyway! I almost burned down the building that day!

9-5- Lisa Stone  Speaking a which, why the hell are the work days the longest days ever!!! Christmas feels like 5 mins but one day feels like an eternity!!

I Will Survive- Cake Some how (I don’t know) I get a second wind not to staple people’s’ hands to their desk. I am annoyingly optimistic, even to me.

Then of course at the end of the day… we throw our papers in the air and shout with relief….

“It’s Friday night so everythang is poppin.”


Comments on: "Musical Revolution- Work Sucks Edition" (7)

  1. Also a huge fan of “Crystallized”.. great song

  2. Ur sister, foo! said:

    Yesterday at work I decided to kill myself, but only after I ran out of good songs on my ipod. Never happened. Guess I shouldnt have been listening to My Favorites.

  3. Don’t spend the rest of your life this way- find yourself a job you can live with if not love.

  4. I love Lily Alan’s “Fuck You”! Have you heard “The Fear”? Love that, too.

  5. Kiss Off is one of my favorite songs! I hope your weekend is much much better!

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