In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

There are certain songs whether old or new that take  us back to a time, place, or even a moment. They make us feel good inside and every time they come, you shout Yea, I love that song!

Like Berlin with Take My Breath Away or Wilson Phillips with Hold On.

But what about the worst songs that we secretly loved but refused to admit.

Today I am going to expose myself on some of the worst songs ever made… and the fact that I …. (hard to admit)…  liked.


So lets look inside the shitter…..

All By Myself- Celine Dion or Eric Carmen

I am sorry I got this song in your head. When I was too young to know better or to ignore my mother, she got me into Celine Dion heavily. I heavily hang my head in shame that I not only know this whole song but more Celine Dion songs.

Again I am sorry.

I apologize for the next one.


I kick myself for ever liking this song. I mean what the hell does the song even mean.

“Pissing the night away
He drinks a whisky drink
He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink
He drinks a cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him
Of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him
Of the better times”

This next one, I still have to admit, I like it. Its corny!

Barbie Girl-Aqua

Hopefully this  song doesn’t succeed in getting you to commit suicide.

OK I absolutely hate this song. I never liked it. It makes me hate puppies! No song should have that effect on you! NO SONG!

Who Let the Dogs Out-Baha Man

Find this group and let Michael Vick’s dogs on them!

Another song I fucking hate it is this cheesy ass song I can believe I can fly.

Now I wanna shoot myself….  twice!

I Believe I Can Fly-R Kelly

R Kelly was right! I do now believe I can fly. Fly the fuck off my roof head first!

The next song… yeah I like it. Every time I hear it I jump and shake my ass.

Macarena-Los Del Rio

Why do I like this song? Maybe cause I am a fucking Mexican. I don’t know.

Worst Song Ever was sung by a really popular singer. I guess that’s why it’s so mind-boggling.

Nevertheless, this song deserves to die!

Hello-Lionel Ritchie

OMG fuck no!! God nooooooo.

At least we now have the running joke of….


Comments on: "Musical Revolution-Welcome to the Toliet Bowl of Music" (21)

  1. There is so much musical genius in this post. Never apologize for TubThumping. I love that one…through the first chorus. And then I’m tired of falling down and getting up again.

    I was a counselor at a summer camp when “Who Let the Dogs Out” came out. All the kids sang it (and barked)…all summer long…it was awful.

  2. firecracker3 said:

    Great, epic shitty song choices! However, like you, I also enjoy the Barbie Girl song 🙂 I’ll also listen to Cartman over Celine anyday!

  3. I loved this post. Chumbawumba, (pissin means drinking but who the fuck knew that here? Not me, not atleast for a few years when a canadian friend kindly informed me and then it kinda made sense)) oh my god I used to (secretly) love that song! Seal is fine so of course I loved that song AND Who let the dogs out? Well in New Orleans if you didnt like that song they beat you. Bravo lady, Bravo!

  4. HA! Those were freaking awesome! Each one is stuck in my head now and my brain is starting to ache.

    • Again I am sorry. However, in order to expose the bad some must suffer.
      I have the Who Let the Dogs Out song in my head. I am fighting the thought of suicide as we speak.

  5. I always wanted to piss the night away. I just need to figure out how a person goes about peeing that long 🙂
    Also? Celine Dion gave me flashbacks to that dumb fountain scene in Clueless. I may or may not have watched that movie twice a day in Junior High 😦

  6. I LOVE the theme of your revolution this week! Thanks for always participating! HEART.

    Also, I had my first slow dance to I Believe I Can Fly so I will probably always love that one.

  7. Hilarious! Good choices. I think the worst song ever is “Bad to the Bone.”. I fucking HATE that piece of shit song.

  8. Great choices! Love the theme this week. We all have those “love to hate” songs. I never got into I believe I can fly so it’s not on my list. Boy George “Do you really want to hurt me” is one I LOVE but everyone else always complains. Are you kidding me people? I don’t care. Get your own damn iPod.


    I’m okay now.

  9. Ummm, ahem………..I really like all those songs.

    Even the Macarena.

    Tubthumping-Chumbawamba….my god I haven’t heard that songs in years! I may have to get that off iTunes!

    Find more of these!!! I WANT MORE!!

  10. I remember pretty much all of these songs! The Chumbawamba lyrics is basically when you write lyrics after you drank all those drinks, that’s what you come up with. You just start to sing about how you had a vodka, a beer, a whiskey drink, and then you pretty much pass out.

  11. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Now I will be humminig those for weeks! How about “I’m too Sexy” by Right Said Fred?….. that will get you humming…..

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