In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

So yesterday I saw Bridesmaids.

I have been waiting to see this movie like nobody’s business!

(Ok it’s clear that I need to work on my analogies)

I loved The Hangover and I was under the assumption that this was the girl version. I was totally excited and I wanted to see woman tear it up!!!

Don’t get me wrong …. the movie was funny. There were moments that I could not catch my breath cause I was dying of laughter. DYING!

Yep... she is shitting.... in the street

However, it wasn’t as awesome as it should have been. It should have been about them getting tore up in Vegas. Instead it was about a down on her luck woman her basically ruins her best friend’s wedding due to being jealous of her new friend.

My favorite scenes were when the women get food poisoning and they literally tear up the bathroom at a top-notch bridal store.

Or when Kristen Wig’s character wigs out on the plane after she takes some drugs to calm down. Kristen Wig is hilarious and she sales on this movie!!

They had the actresses for it! The potential was there!! They just didn’t take advantage of the possible shenanigans they could have gotten into.

There were times that I was tearing up. TEARING UP!! Why is there sad parts in this movie?!!

I wanted to envy these women!! I wanted to be like hell yeah women can party! Yet, there was none of that.

Where the hell where the strippers? The balls? The small dicks? The big dicks? The deformed dicks? The big woman with small man sex? Where were the girl fights or someone getting hitched to a homeless man in Vegas?

Come on!! They could have made this surreal!!

There was comedy but not what you thought.

This movie did make me wish I had an actual best friend. Ok, not even a best friend a good friend.

How the hell does Amber from Teen Mom have one and I don’t?!?!

I just want someone to wanna hang out with me even to do nothing. Just come over and hang.Β  Hell bring some stuff to make cupcakes and I will gladly watch you make them. And I will eat them. Because that is what friends do!!

We can watch tv and movies together. I will paint your nails. I really don’t like doing that but I will do it.

I just want someone who just feels comfortable enough to just hang. I am a low maintenance girl.

Well, that’s enough ranting.

I do recommend seeing Bridesmaid. There are some crazy ass parts in the movie.

It had the things girls hate the most: crappy sex, food poisoning, etc etc.


Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review: Bridesmaid Good but Where Was the Tiger?" (19)

  1. If you lived near me I would make you my friend in real life! I do things like make cupcakes, go for coffee dates, make dinner, etc. πŸ™‚ I tend to do it with guys, gay ones at that mostly because I don’t have girls to do such things with except for my sister in rare cases. I think from what you mentioned the movie should have been mroe outrageous. I can promise you if I ever had a bridesmaid scenario it would be all kinds of fun and crazy!

  2. Shit, I’ll grab my video camera and two of my friends and make my own movie, complete with big AND little dicks. There will be drunken laughter in the bathrooms, restaurants, sidewalks and hotel rooms, schmoozing with the locals, road trips, crying scenes, shenanigans in department stores and all the bad jokes you can handle. It’ll be great. No, it’ll be EPIC!

    You can come hang with me and we can hang out and do nothing. Or you pick a movie and we can critique it together!

  3. I would totally be your lets-hang-out-buddy. I thought Bridesmaid was hilarious too – some parts had me in tears I was laughing so hard – but I agree that this movie could have been so much worse, in such a GOOD way!!!!!!

    • Right!!
      We need to live vicarously through these people!! They needed to up the anty!! Their lives are something that could so happen in real life.
      Shitting in the street completely!

  4. i loved this movie!!!! i laughed a lot!!!

  5. I felt the exact same way after checking out “Bridesmaids” that I was kinda like “Damn, I wanna best friend…” I’m low maintenance myself too, maybe that’s part of the problem? I don’t know, but the shitting in the street part had me doubled over with laughter. And, wait till the end of it, after the credits, and you have a fake sex scene with some food. πŸ˜‰

  6. I am planning on watching this soon…….too bad about there not being a tiger or a random child strapped to one of the bitches, haha!

  7. Before I read it, I really want to see the movie so will your post spoil the movie for me?

    tapping fingers and waiting for a response ………

  8. I thought the same thing – I thought they would go to Vegas! They didn’t! Why not take the bus there it would have been a great scene? But I did find some parts very funny πŸ™‚

  9. I’d like to apply for the position of Marina’s bestie. How many references do you need?

    Sounds like the movie needed a tiger (or maybe an even better animal) and maybe a naked man jumping out of a trunk.

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