In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Here is an ode to some hotties


Jason Statham

Heart (pounding chest) be fuckin still....

Keanu Reeves

Shhhhhh just sit there and look pretty

Mark Walberg

Hey Mark how you doing? Say hello to your mother and that fine ass for me.

Ryan Reynolds

No no don't look at me like that... Ryan! Stop! Ok fine, you can have whatever you want.

Paul Rudd

You are like soooo funny and like sooooo hot!!

Penn Badgley

Man, I almost feel pedophile-y.

Taylor Lautner

I am officially a pedophile.

Gerald Butler

Someone is magically delicious!!!

Bradley Cooper

Thank You God for Making Bradley Freaking Cooper.... nom nom nom


You are so welcome…. this sweet eye candy is just what the DR ordered.

If you are feeling this way…

it's totally normal.




Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday-We Are Not Worthy!!" (15)

  1. I’m getting old. None of them do anything for me.

    Give me George Clooney ANYDAY!

    • I totally see George Clooney as hot… like back in the day… especially in the movie Dusk before Dawn…. sorry he was not included.
      I am sending over his sex tape clip to you now!!!

  2. So not worthy! Thanks for making my Wednesday a little bit Finer 😉

  3. Ok most are hot some ehh I can do without.
    You forgot to include Master’s Picture 😉

  4. add Adam Levine into the mix and I totally agree!!!

  5. Oh, yeah, totally agree with Adam Levine being thrown in the mix. Love the man candy you shared with us, all we need is some sexy, “Let’s get it on” music on and we are all set! 😉

  6. justmarriedgirl said:

    I’m s Ryan Gosling girl myself!

  7. This blog post is the highlight of my day. I’m not even going to mention that you forgot my
    boyfriend G Clooney.

  8. Umm..yeah I had to go change my panties. 😉 Mark Walberg & Bradley Cooper nom nom nom. Good lord the things I would do to those boys! I agree with the Adam Levine needing to be thrown in there. I think I need to change my panties again.

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