In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

My youngest daughter Sienna recently adopted a new pet. Normally, I am all for pets especially if they are cute and cuddly. However this pet is neither cute nor cuddly. In fact, if precaution is not taken, her new pet (Princess is what she calls it) can very well send us off to the ER!

No it’s not a python. No it’s not fire ants or bees.


Say hello to Princess.

Yes, it is a rock or a mini boulder if you will. For a rock, its pretty heavy. It’s heavy for me its a whole lot of heavy for her. That doesn’t seem to bother her. Or the fact that its missing a part of its side. That doesn’t seem to bother her either. No she is loving that damn rock to her little heart’s content.

I am not weirded out or anything. Hell if she wants a rock I am all for that!! It doesn’t poop which lets face it folks I would be cleaning it up if it did. It also doesn’t eat. But if she were to drop it on her toe… god that is an ER visit just waiting to happen!

So I have banned her from carrying it. It stays in its bed. She made a nice little bed for it. And when I checked on her during the night, I found she brought into the bed to sleep with her.

She has tons of dolls, and babies. I don’t know how she stumbled on that a rock would make an excellent baby but yes… I will “check her in”.


Yesterday I talked to a friend I went to middle school with. She actually lived in El Paso for one year and I went to school with her. After that, she moved back to Denver. For only being here one year she sure knew a lot about what happened to the kids we went to school with.

One story was particular interesting. There was this girl named Jenny that I knew ever since elementary. Everyone loved her.  She wasn’t extremely beautiful but she was cute, funny, had long hair and was a cheerleader. Yes…. she was cool and so not awkward (me).

She stayed Miss Loved and Most Expected to Succeed. She went onto the local college here and was a college cheerleader.

Apparently she now suffers from schizophrenia people. What the hell? She was completely normal when I knew her!! I knew her mother as well and her family. All freaking normal.

That totally sucks… but I pat my back because I have yet to collapse of the pressure of life. There is always next year. And till then, I will always duck and cover when I see someone I went to school with.


My oldest daughter, Savannah, hates waking up in the morning. It is a battle every morning. Yet, after being awake after a while she wakes up and is fine. Today, she was moving slow still. She was also very quiet.

Once we got in the car and drove off she wasn’t even responding to her favorite music. At a red light, I stroked her chick and said, “You ok?”

She sighed and looked at me with a sad look, “Its time to start over.”

Her words overwhelmed me. Six years old! Time to start over? Did she mean in school? Did she finally realize that its important to complete her work assignments and get good grades? Did she realize that she needed to make any changes in her life?

“What do mean?” I ask.

She points to the radio.

I look back at her.


She says, “Its time to start over the song.” And she smiles and looks out the window.

She totally faked me out. Totally!!!!

I take it back… I am obviously going crazy.

I might be ok with it. Spread the word… Marina is coming out and into the strait jacket!!!


Comments on: "A Pet That Can Kill, Crazy People, & A Total Fake Out" (12)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    I remember you mentioning Jenny before and that news is sad 😦 As for the pet rock, that is funny as hell! But low key so I would be thrilled with that! Also, just be-dazzle the hell out of your straight jacket, I did mine!

  2. I’ve discovered that straight jackets can come in a variety of colors and patterns. No worries. I didn’t want to be caught in white after labor day. Wait, who the fuck am I kidding? I don’t give a shit.

    Pet rocks are cool. It could be worse, you could be me. 5 dogs, a fish tank, 2 birds, 2 guinea pigs and a cat. I’m over it.

    I love my Bella. Don’t tell her I said that.

  3. Pet rocks are the most dangerous kind of pet you can have.

  4. That’s sad about that girl you used to know, I guess life can just get to you after awhile. And your daughter is so cute, a little pet rock? I tried to do the whole pet rock thing, but I ended up going back to insects. So, she could have crickets in a cage or some creepy crawlies around. Kids can be entertained by the smallest things sometimes!

  5. The pet rock is the perfect pet! It never makes a mess 😉

  6. I had a pet rock squirrel when I was 6 it weighed a ton or two oh how I loved him.
    Don’t worry she will out grow the phase.
    My staight jacket is at the cleaners I got a coffee stain on it. 😦

  7. I still can’t get over Princess The Rock. At least she’s got an imagination. I had a pet rock once and the best I could come up with was Rocky 🙂

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